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  • yes zodi, Jackie is my sister, I never told you though, but umm... I guess you found out during our little discussion in chat, and sorry bout that, but they just piss me off, oh and try telling her you're my brother next time you see her xD lmao and let me know what she says XD
    I think you deleted me. >:( I haven't seen you on my friends list. It would be great to play you again, though. :)
    Zodiac, I'm picking you up around 11 AM tomorrow. Gimme a buzz if that is an issue.
    </3 ?

    why the hate?
    hey i saw you had a cell you used to call Krayzie.
    dont like to give your cell # out?

    we could still have GGs offline at your place or mine. Cerv mirrors =D
    call if you wanna get wooped. 510-789-3632
    nope, too far...
    but i might go to the SFSU gatherings one of these days though...

    Zodiac, I am good for a couple hours of playing on Saturday if you are free after lunch like say 1PM. Let me know if you are still up for this.
    YOU felt naked?! Shit, I felt complete nuder! No 360 at all! I had brought my pad and everything but no one brought the game. >_<
    So I was WAY out of my element when it came to PS3 lol.
    hahaha yeah sorry bout that. We were having our FT5 or 10 matches that we agreed on doing :P Then Jinmaster wanted to play me so THAT wasn't my fault lol
    Yo I'm glad to hear you wanna play more offline. Offline is the way to go! I had the same problems with buffering early that you mentioned because of online. You'll get used to it. Hope all my shit talking during our matches didn't dissuade you from coming to my place again, lol!
    lol oops that was stupid and yes its me i just gave u the wrong one that was my old one last time
    ndk2stay :D btw the way I can never do that cervy GB either :(
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