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    Step~G exposed

    you should of known better noob!
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    stfu hates.. they nerfed my tira...and hardly touched i guess tira>pyraa...really nacmo.. really? .... leave me alone i'm soo angry>.<
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    Soulcalibur V Patch Announced for March 21

    you must be new around here lmao..
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    Soulcalibur V -Tira Wall Combo

    sexy as fk
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    Tira General Discussion / Q&A

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    [Toronto] The Race to 10,000 Mountain

    I hope everyone that is going to winter braw is doing noting but training and studying frams for ALL the character in the game....what moves your character can punish and what moves other characters can punish against you...also make sure you understand every match approach... ie.. you fight a...
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    [Toronto] The Race to 10,000 Mountain

    you got to be kidding me? srs? like wtf!!!
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    [02/11/12] Buffalo NY- Play N Trade Tourney Results

    good job barry! keep it up yo!!! <3 canada is strong! grats to all the places as well, soo nice to see old names <3... LIZARDMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    [Toronto] The Race to 10,000 Mountain

    what i'm noticing about clean hit is that some moves have a HIGHER change of clean hitting than natsu 66b..PO b... clean hits the same rate as tira's GS22b etc etc...since most of the clean hits moves in the game can be done in combos... i guess namco wanted to give us a random...
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    [Toronto] The Race to 10,000 Mountain

    wen what you're saying is " a character issue" not a "JGing" issue..... if your character can't do anything after said move, while 90% of the cast can? than the problem is not the JG........... i can JG pat's bb and i can punish/or CE if i'm stocked....see what i mean?
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    [Toronto] The Race to 10,000 Mountain

    yo wen it's all about the strings wen and unblockables, after you learn russell trick, you have no idea how easy it is seriously... and it's only practicable when you SET it up, ie = you 2a... they block... than they want to bb you ; than you JG than punish...or you do it to strings attacks like...
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    [Toronto] The Race to 10,000 Mountain

    yup just give us 2 more weeks with this...and we'll be at 95% acc on reaction with JG using russell i've been practicing like crazy!!! i'm also almost 90% barry!.. i got all the unblockable down on reaction and almost all the two hit strings already... BACK IN THE LAB I GO...
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    [Toronto] The Race to 10,000 Mountain

    thanks to russell/ and eli for coming over today for pure training! after doing nothing but just guarding for 5hrs straight against all the moves in the game and unblockables i say we are 80% acc on reaction. Lets keep this up guys!
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    [Toronto] The Race to 10,000 Mountain

    shouldn't this be stryder's domain?
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    [Toronto] The Race to 10,000 Mountain

    you can never forget family!!! welcome back yo!! all old school players coming back!!!! soo nice to see !
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    [Toronto] The Race to 10,000 Mountain

    I CAN'T STOP PLAYING THIS GAME OMG.... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    [Toronto] The Race to 10,000 Mountain for thoes who havent seen it yet.... G8 glitch
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    [Toronto] The Race to 10,000 Mountain

    not easy to step.. if you watch the vid, it has amazing tracking prop, cant really remember seeing it being steped in the tourney once, nor has i seen it being punished...hmmm o well if it can't be stepped, and if it's safe on can always "bait" the lexia players into doing it! since...