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  1. SAPirata

    SCVI Tier Lists (for both tournament and casual gameplay)

    As a non-competitive player, what's the distinction between 'has faults' and 'well rounded' and whatever it is, why doesn't this translate to higher/lower tier movement? Thanks for the tier list!
  2. SAPirata

    Six months in, how do you rank Soulcalibur VI relative to the rest of the series?

    RE: a separate competitive and casual edition: iirc this was done pretty well with an esports worthy game known as gears of war. This was a competitive 3rd person shooter with symmetric teams that emphasised movement and teamwork; where the distinction between casual and competitive was weapon...
  3. SAPirata

    Six months in, how do you rank Soulcalibur VI relative to the rest of the series?

    Never played anything pre-SCII so can't comment there Gameplay: SCV Aesthetics/Design: SCIII (SCII comes close tho imo) Single player content: SCIII Best all-round: SCVI
  4. SAPirata

    Maxi General Discussion "The Dandy of the Seas

    Question for the maxi players: When you hit PSL (the continuous looping thing after something like 6A) and you're pushing for mindgames when the opponent is frozen, be honest... Do you guys really keep track of which stance maxi is in the whole time..?
  5. SAPirata

    Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

    Apologies but the original intent was to use it as a means of comparison for soulcals stangant character design
  6. SAPirata

    Siegfried's A+B

    Tried it a couple times, manged to pull it off about 1 in 15 times, can't imagine trying to do it for real though, but maybe I'm just a scrub lol. Not much luck with the interruption either, unless I 2A or 2K on reaction, but this loses to the range of Siggy's A+B (indeed, the range on this...
  7. SAPirata

    Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

    Okay understood, I thought you were referring to the cradle of humanity as the cradle of civilisation, rather than the origins of humans. The WaPo is also the same org. that shamed the man who discovered the human genome and posts filth such as 'can my [black] children be friends with whites'...
  8. SAPirata

    Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

    I think you mean north africa was the cradle. It all depends on how you define 'african', if you look at san groups or arabs or ethiopians then they're basically different but thats because they have ties to different continents (that's why the largest differences are coastal countries) but the...
  9. SAPirata

    Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

    I respectfully disagree, I LOVED seeing the characters age in MK10 and I love the new designs in MK11 - I love progression in design and I love seeing characters change and develop (even if that is laterally!). 's' all subjective tho
  10. SAPirata

    Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

    RE: Character designs not being 100% consistent over games. I think Mortal Kombat is testament to this actually working out well, with character memorability and impact proven to be more a function of personality and, dare-I-say-it, character, rather than sexualisation amd attractiveness like...
  11. SAPirata

    [MATCH-UP] Cervantes

    During SC, on stepping BH K (where siggy is usually safe after he runs half screen away) cervy can reliably punish with 4A+B (gunshot). Would advise mixing up if you meet a cervy that you see capable of anticipating BH K who steps.
  12. SAPirata

    [MATCH-UP] Raphael

    Post 1.3 patch, 66B is no longer punishable by raph's 236B. Fire away!
  13. SAPirata

    Siegfried's A+B

    In case no one got the message, in SC6 (nearly) every character and their mum got given an arsenal of break attacks to deal with the new RE mechanic in this game. Characters who got more of these tended to be characters with stance-orientated game play, but in general the idea is that players...
  14. SAPirata

    Kilik version 1.30 changes (2019 March 25 update)

    Woahh that's cool, I wonder if anyone else got something similar. Do you know if there's any meter cost or penalisation?
  15. SAPirata

    Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

    Err I'm pretty sure the user gets preference for the win
  16. SAPirata

    Let’s talk Mitsurugi!

    This - the addition of the RE I think is partly responsible for this in that now each character has an arsenal of break attacks used to deal with RE spamming, which has definitely contributed to the leveling of the playing field. Mitsu defo has some great tools - to me he's always been a really...
  17. SAPirata

    Top 10-15-20 moves for Raph

    In addition to most of the above, I've also been getting a lot of mileage out of 6AA, especially against people who automatically default to "herpderp it's raph, I'm just gonna step all day".
  18. SAPirata

    Cervantes Combo/Video Thread

    What are you guys using after WR B? I feel like the pushback on hit has been increased in 6 and now B2 doesn't reach. (Range depending) I can get 4K, 6B, 6A, and if WR B hits at 0 range, 2A+B, but these all range in the 36-45 damage range. iGDR seems to hit even at tip launch but the timing...
  19. SAPirata


    Hi guys, new here but been playing SC since 2. Never been that good but always looking to get better! Main cervy and raph. Pleasure to meet y'all