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  1. KingAce

    The Importance of NM's pokes.

    The metagame has changed. We all knew this would happen. When people were crying foul; "NM's overpowered." for us it was inevitable that his dominance would be eased. It seems to me, one fundamental trait all good characters have is strong pokes. Especially strong mids. Contrary to popular...
  2. KingAce

    [Apr 6, 2012] Texas Showdown Evo Qualifier Repost (The Woodlands, TX)

    I was made aware this thread disappeared or something, so I am taking it upon myself to repost it. We are proud to present the 12th installment of the Showdown tournament series. This year we are pleased to be a part of the Road to Evo series...
  3. KingAce

    Meter Management Discussion.

    Nightmare players you have a decision to make. Do you build meter or do you build less meter for more damage? NM's most important moves for consideration of meter are 2A+B, 2B+KBE (for mid/throw mixups)CE and GSKBE. Now in my opinion GSKBE is probably the most important move in NM's arsenal...
  4. KingAce

    Appeal to Casual players, vistors/guests.

    Please tune in for tournament streams and vods. If there’s one thing you can do for the community, this is it. When the game hits don't just up and leave because you've got what you wanted from 8wayrun. Why? You may ask. Yes, the competitive community can be very hostile and uninviting. However...
  5. KingAce

    You're Just Fucking Awful Idra on SC2

    Idra being Idra...
  6. KingAce

    POLL: Your Favorite Female Character in the Series and Why?

    The sister are the same option because the characters exceed the max amount of options. This is something hopefully a bit more positive to the forum. My favorite character in the game is Yun Seong. So My favorite females are SC2 is Talim and Seong Mina. Aside from the fact she's the hottest...
  7. KingAce

    Fighting Game Videos!

    I don't see any rules against posting this type of thread here, title speaks for itself. If a mod is to move this thread move it in the video game forum please. For your entertainment. Here's a thread to post any videos you might want to share with the rest of the community that aren't...
  8. KingAce

    BIOSHOCK infinite:

    If you're a fan of the first, I think you will be amazed. First Trailer First trailer analysis. Newest 10 min demo trailer. Seriously can't wait to play this game. The city of Columbia looks even more insane than Rapture.
  9. KingAce

    Sickest Video Game Podcast on THe PLANET!!

    EPIC BATTLE CRY Nothing beats it!
  10. KingAce

    Bar Fights 2v2 Tourney H-Town!

    As posted on Tekken Zaibatsu by itsnotjojo with slight tweaks on SC4 results. Tekken 6 1 Kor (MIG) Crow (BOB) 2 JTM (ALI) NeoX (LARS) 3 Jojo (XIAO) Kaito (AK) 4 Link (NINA) Alphamale (STE) 5 Slim (BRU) Vick (LARS) 5 IceColdEdge (KING) DVK (PAUL) 7 AV (DJ) Delaney (ALI) 7 Rochellie (ASU) VoA...
  11. KingAce

    As a spectator what's an entertaining FG?

    With the heat going down about EVO, I was wondering what fighters you guys enjoyed to watch, and why? What makes some games more spectator worthy than others. This is definitely something to think about on a grand scale as gaming gets more main stream, going to EVO once you're done with your...
  12. KingAce

    1B Ring's out???

    Okay I have a task for you bored Astaroth players. I had an online session with my homie Xephukai this morning. The events that follow as I can remember them are this. I was eating a lot of 4[A+B] on wake-up, to which Xeph followed up with 1B for when I stayed grounded. Now 1B rung me out...
  13. KingAce

    RATE:Your gaming experience this season

    Games I just recently bought. Demon's Souls Uncharted 2 Tekken 6. Infamous. I gonna say Demon's Souls is probably the most fun I have had with a game in awhile. Only game that punishes you for dieing too often, literally. And you gonna need all the help you can get. Nothing is more thrilling...
  14. KingAce

    Evo stream anyone? Is anyone actually interested in the Evo stream? As a competitive gaming site I think we should have some kind of catering to live streams, where everyone knows where to go and watch these games live. I suck at SF4 but I do actually enjoy watching it...
  15. KingAce

    What's your Zodiac sign?

    Click here to find out. I am a Fire Rabbit...Fire yes Rabbit...oh noess! But it got my personality down pretty accurate.
  16. KingAce

    A discussion on priority moves.

    Okay I want to get some kind of idea on moves that simply cancel out other moves. Like Kilik's 66B, or Asta's JF grabs. And it seems like voldo has a ton of these too. However, I am not entirely sure what some of these moves are and how to best utilize them. So someone help me out here.
  17. KingAce

    Are you top tier? Test! v1.

    Check it. 1. When someone runs at you, how often do you duck in anticipation of a throw or low, only to be met with a painful mid? a. Every time it's a habit. b. Sometimes if I I am pressured. c. Never, I don't fear throws and lows son. 2. When your back is against the edge, how often...
  18. KingAce

    A class in gaming...

    UC Berkeley Starcraft Class Lecture 1 Now that's watsup!
  19. KingAce

    Official SC4 glitch Thread.

    First one I know is a trick more than a glitch. Slide-run. Press G~8B and you will get 88B instantly. Pressing G step = 8wayrun. Second one is Nightmare's A+B wave backfire stun. When the opponent hits Nightmare during A+B with a weak move it cause Nightmare to auto gi any follow-up...
  20. KingAce

    Zass study sessions on PSN/XBOXL

    This thread is for people to schedule sessions, with Zasalamel improvement in but it could be off as well. I am going to be available all weekend. Today is Thanksgiving so I am home all day, I will be on probably around 5 pm to like 7 pm...Around this time if any body wants to...