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  1. iKotomi

    [Wisconsin] Wisconsin still exists? WTF?

    We still play games in Madison and have biweekly local gatherings at Happy Wok. The primary game we are playing at the moment is Tekken, but there are regulars playing street fighter as well as a handful of anime players. If you want to play soulcalibur specifically, you should let us know...
  2. iKotomi

    Madison SCV Tourney #31, SCII(HD) #123

    It's been over a year since our last tournament, but Happy Wok is back! A lot of old timers are now gone, so we'll shoot for slightly earlier tournament times but everything else will be mostly the same. If you would like Tekken to be played, please give input. Schedule: 4:30 - Casuals/Set up...
  3. iKotomi

    [Japan] All Visitors To Japan

    Cool. I'll keep that in mind if plans allow.
  4. iKotomi

    [Japan] All Visitors To Japan

    I'm visiting Japan for a couple of weeks in April (4/8-4/22). Is it just SC2 being played there for the most part right now?
  5. iKotomi

    New Blazblue game! "Chrono Phantasma"

    I hear Vergil is pretty bad at neutral in Marvel.
  6. iKotomi


    There is a difference between a physical system and knowledge of the system. The first is a natural phenomenon, the second is our interpretation of natural phenomena. We never discuss the physical system directly because we have no way to prove anything about the system itself- we only discuss...
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    There seems to be some confusion as to what or who's being referred to, but it's probably Godel. Godel's incompleteness theorem roughly states that given a consistent system, you can't prove everything about a system using that system's axioms. By extension, you can't prove that your system is...
  8. iKotomi

    PC vs Consoles

    Standardized environments aren't really that big of a deal, since you're probably almost always working on specific clients, and standardization as a strong point of Linux is just ironic.
  9. iKotomi

    PC vs Consoles

    It's cool being in college, and installing Linux or buying a Mac is cool because everyone does it, but if your main reason to like Linux more than Windows is because you can't find alternatives to the unix development enivronment that you use in class, you're probably just drunk on the kool-aid...
  10. iKotomi

    Help LostProvidence and Lolo make it to Final Round 17

    How much left is needed?
  11. iKotomi

    Sophitia General Discussion/Q&A Thread

    I believe 236236B is also possible after Sophie's launchers in this game. I don't think her wake up is good enough to make 4B an always better option than the guaranteed damage.
  12. iKotomi

    [Hawaii] Fight in Paradise

    I'll be in Honolulu for the last week of December - does anyone still play?
  13. iKotomi

    Cassandra Combo Discussion Thread

    44B combos into 236B at close/mid range and 11B at far range.
  14. iKotomi

    PC vs Consoles

    I don't see what the issue is with paying more for a PC than a gaming console, because PC's are out of the box able to do much more useful things than a console. I will gladly play 1K to build a PC to my specifications, but I would never pay 1K for any gaming console that doesn't run a full...
  15. iKotomi

    Pyrrha Punishment Guide: General Discussion

    I'm lazy and never do this but against nightmares 4k be you can duck the second hit and step the third for a 4b punish. I just twitch punish with a stab usually though.
  16. iKotomi

    some gay poem I wrote about amy

    It's okay to be gay, just saying.
  17. iKotomi

    Chicago 4 Ultimate in Midwest Arena Results 8/18/12

    Edited. GGs to the people I played, I didn't really know what I was doing though.
  18. iKotomi

    Chicago 4 Ultimate in Midwest Arena Results 8/18/12

    OK, sorry, this is jimmypikachuchoi posing as iKotomi. Here are the results from the shoryuken thread posted by CurlyWfor the Chicago 4 Ultimate in Midwest Arena Results Soul Calibur V - Full results and payouts 1. LostProvidence - $124 (Viola) 2. Duxter|Hawkeye - $47 (Natsu) 3. HeartNana -...
  19. iKotomi


    Right after the stab. You're more likely doing it to late, because you have a pretty large window after the stab connects to get a just frame of some sort.