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  1. sheppard

    Poll: What do you think about long haired guys?

    Seriously, what is your opinion on this? You find them weird? attractive or you dont mind? or you hate them? Maybe long hair is cool when worn with beard? I have long hair and I don't feel like going outside when I don't have beard. Please share your thoughts.
  2. sheppard

    Looking for a good and cheap alternative for x360 pads

    Can someone advice me through this? You guys know x360 dpads sucks for fighting games, so I'm looking for alternatives. I'm going to buy two so it must not so expensive.
  3. sheppard

    Poll : Casual or Competitive?

    I couldn't find any SC tourneys in my country, but I did enter a T6 tourney back in last summer; I realized that if I try to be a competitive player, I can't play with my family and friends cuz they don't know anything about frames, tech-traps, juggles etc. So now we can't play Tekken unless I...
  4. sheppard

    Wanna create stories for your CaS in SCV?

    So you guys seen it, im sure. New CaS mode is awesome. But our creations stories will be on our minds only if we can't make a story for them in-game. My idea is this ; I wanna be able to make story cutscenes, like visual novels. Fisrt select 10 stages, with created or original characters ...
  5. sheppard

    My Little Cute SC Avatar and Pictures Collection

    My favorite Tira picture! Another Tira pic; Siegfried from SC3 Tira from SC3, sorry for low quality, taken from pcsx2 on PC Xianghua !
  6. sheppard

    Poll : Which one is your worst fear?

    What do you fear most? What is your weakness? Please share your worst nightmares! What are my fears? Hmm earthquakes, bees and real blood makes me dizzy.
  7. sheppard

    Overgrowth (PC)

    Check this game out, looks amazingly interesting. I want next gen fighting games to be like this :
  8. sheppard

    Poll : Which Tira is the best? SC3 SC4 or SC BD?

    Which version of the Tira you like most? Consider everything like moveset, design, voice-overs everything. What do you like about Tira and what you don't like about her, feel free to discuss.
  9. sheppard

    Poll : What do you think of art style of SCV?

    I was created one poll before but it's selections was kinda biased, sorry about that. Now I craeted a new poll thru Destinizish's suggestion. Lemme see your thoughts about art style of the game. Feel free to share your thoughts and complaints.
  10. sheppard

    Fighter Maker 2 on PS2, what is that?

    Do anyone of you know what is this Fighter Maker 2 is? I was wondering on Youtube and I run into these : What kind of crazy game is this? Is it gives that much of freedom even in PS2?
  11. sheppard

    Our own character designs for SCV!

    Here, this guys is totally fantastic, I don't know where he is but I put his name Zerivich. He has his own story but I just lazy about writing one for SCV so you guys make up something. His shield is like a hand fan, it can close or suddenly open to hit his opponent. Lets design some characters!
  12. sheppard

    Poll : Which Soul Calibur game is the best?

    I played all of SC game except Soul Edge, but I watched its intro and gameplay videos. In my opinion SC2 is the best. My first encounter with series was SC3. My thoughts about SC2, posted in Who Liked SC3? ;
  13. sheppard

    Looking for Character Creaton Games

    I was searching the net for 3d character creators like SC CAS. Hours of searching and I could only find this : But that's not really I want. This is just ecchi and creates only girls :D What I'm looking for is something like this but more like Soul Caibur character creation. I run into some...
  14. sheppard

    Character Creators on Other Games

    I was spending tons of time at CAS in SC3. Now in SC4 all slots are full. But Sc4 is rather less detailed than SC3 CAS. When I create character, I try to make them look good, I don't care about stats. Does any of you know a game has a character creation like SC4? Xbox360 is myy console btw.
  15. sheppard

    Alice The Madness Returns

    I'm very excited about new Alice game coming in July. Did any of you guys played American Mcgee's Alice. It was a great game. Madness Returns also looks nice. I just can't wait ! Watch out for spoilers ...
  16. sheppard

    King of Fighters maximum impact 3 is real?!

    Hey guys, is King of Fighters Maximum Impact 3 really gonna release? I searched the net but I can't find anything but rumors. There is a KoF xiii that's not what i'm looking for.
  17. sheppard

    Did you fall in love with any of the SC girls?

    I know, stupid and childish question but just for fun, which SC girl did you love most? Pool is up here, please make your vote, I wonder which one will be the Soul Calibur's best idol? I couldn't put all of the girls so don't get mad at me :D And I love Tira most! Why? I don't know why. Just...
  18. sheppard

    AI's quality difference between SCIV and SC BD

    Have you guys noticed that in SC4, when you play against hard opponent, it uses cheat! How? Well I'll explain. When you try to land an attack to hard AI opponent, it reacts so quickly. Every time when I try to land an attack, AI reacts with a faster attack to stop me if I'm in its reach. No...
  19. sheppard

    Best Fighting Game Except Soul Calibur

    Which fighting game is the best of all except Soul Calibur series? And why? I will put games from ps3 and xbox360 to choose. My best is Dead or Alive 4. Characters are balanced, fighting system is nice, animations are great and japanese voice is funny. I'm waiting for Dead or Alive 5.