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  1. FunkeXMix

    4A+B punishment list (Properties: TC & backstep whiff punish)

    Hey Maximizers! I thought it would be good for us to have a list of situations where to use the tech crouching backstepping whiff punisher 4A+B 'Rage of Pleasure'. Variations: (dmg values based on counter hit, which is how this one should hit most of the time. I just set attack to counter...
  2. FunkeXMix

    Maxi´s Best Feints (cancels) & Baits

    I think Maxi´s arsenal of faints deserve it´s own thread. I think they are even more important now then in previous games beacuse you now have to keep track of your opponents CE meter. Since Maxi´s punishers are excellent this time around and quite safe this can add to any Maxi´s game. This...
  3. FunkeXMix

    Anti Maxi

    Hey, a friend of mine is having problems with Maxi, do you guys have any tips?
  4. FunkeXMix

    Maxi's Jukebox (your best fight music)

    Hey Maxi fans, if you did not know SC5 allows you to play your own songs during matches and in menus and lobbies. If you open your PS3 system menu, just go to your music section and start playing. I love it! Exception being that during online fights your own music can not play during matches but...