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  1. Dr. Hates

    f u all

    f u all
  2. Dr. Hates

    StevenA's paint skillz

    I can see my own artistry reflected in these works. Bravo, steven!
  3. Dr. Hates

    We were colluding before it was mainstream. #SCpioneers

    We were colluding before it was mainstream. #SCpioneers
  4. Dr. Hates

    Execution Barriers: Should They Be Higher or Lower?

    Using execution barriers to justify the existence of super powerful stuff strikes me as lazy design. In my ideal world, both players can do whatever they feel like whenever they feel like it, and the person who out-thinks his opponent wins.
  5. Dr. Hates

    What now?

    What now?
  6. Dr. Hates

    Party Wolf

    Party Wolf betrayed me.
  7. Dr. Hates

    The best fast food place?

    Arby's is pretty fantastic, but I am concerned that the price point for what was once the "5 for $5.55" keeps creeping upward. Is there any word on potato cake subsidies to stem the tide?
  8. Dr. Hates

    Hidden secret 66 A+B BE

    I've seen a similar glitch while playing Astaroth. I got an A+B BE vs Party Wolf a while back...
  9. Dr. Hates

    Looking at the Major Changes of SCV Positively

    Re: infinite stages For me, a huge part of previous SC games' meta was about positioning oneself properly and controlling space in the ring relative to edges, walls, etc. Infinite stages remove that entirely, which removes a dimension from the experience I'd rather not lose.
  10. Dr. Hates

    Looking at the Major Changes of SCV Positively

    Rather than offense/defense, it might be productive to think of things in terms of action/inaction. Generally speaking, you mitigate risk in previous SC games through blocking and movement. In SCV, however, movement is so unsafe that you seldom want to do it for mere positioning--in other...
  11. Dr. Hates

    Can we get front page writers?

    sry mang i will check my privilege immediately
  12. Dr. Hates

    Can we get front page writers?

    HEY MAN I WAS JUST TRYING TO HELP OUT MY FRIEND. YOU ARE VERY AGGRESSIVE AND IT MAKES ME SAD. The world needs IRM-literature. I truly believe that you know both what happens to a dream deferred and why the caged bird sings.
  13. Dr. Hates

    Can we get front page writers?

    You'd better ask for this in your stocking, then.
  14. Dr. Hates

    Can we get front page writers?

    I'm still ridiculously busy, but less busy than before. I might be able to do some one-offs here and there, provided there's demand/I have something I feel is worth talking about. Might get esoteric though, dawg.
  15. Dr. Hates

    So...with NEC XV now over...

    I think you're missing what "underperformed" means in this context. There's a world of difference between "he SHOULD have won, but didn't" and "what he ACTUALLY did was surprising given what we've come to expect." The whole point is that the US is way deep, skill-wise.
  16. Dr. Hates

    Teh Gaze Thread

    The "genetic inclination" toward fatness is by and large a myth. Fat parents tend to have fat kids mostly because they pass on their shitty lifestyle. The BBC did a good documentary on a lot of these myths called The Truth About Your Food. It's all available on youtube--sample here.
  17. Dr. Hates

    Teh Gaze Thread

    It's worth noting that being fat isn't a constitutive element of one's identity like race, gender, or sexual orientation. It's a function of diet and lifestyle, both of which are controllable. Given statistics like these, isn't normalizing fatness socially irresponsible?
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    I second Partisan's sentiments. The nice thing is that SCV's online is so good that you'll be able to find opponents who can challenge you and teach you far beyond the people on your dorm floor, too!
  19. Dr. Hates

    Ultimate feint

    Menace bad.