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    TFC 2014 Results

  2. Malice

    Soul Arena #3 Results

    303 Teams: Archive:
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    Midland Warfare 2 Results

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    Summer Jam 8 Results

  5. Malice

    EVO 2014 Results

    SC2HD Results: 285 SCV starts on Saturday.
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    CEO 2014 Results

    Congrats to the placers, to Jebailey for putting on another amazing event, and to FunkyP for streaming. 284 Archives:
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    UFGT10 Results

    283 Archive: starts at 8:36:00
  8. Malice

    Republic of Fighters #3 Results

    281 Teams: 1. Team Japan (Wednesday, Sawazuma, Dark Runa) 2. Sugar Palace (Russia: Capablanca, Rufus, Greenleo) 3. Unblessed (France: Keev, Kayane, Dina) Brackets:
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    Let's Go To France

    And whoop their ass in SCV cuz America is the best! Japan is over there having a good time. Why aren't we there? Let's plan for 2015.
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    ECT 2014 Results

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    NCR2014 Results & Aftermath

    SC2HD 268 SCV 269 Congrats to the placers.
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    Bar Battles 7 Results

    Results: 267 Videos: Pics:
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    Final Round XVII Results & Aftermath

    Top 16 Results: 1st loloMX Yoshimitsu 2nd SC|TSF Hawkeye 3rd SC|TSF LostProvidence 4th FA | IRM 5th SC|TSF Xephukai 5th SC|TSF kAb 7th SC|TSF Party Wolf 7th SC|TSF Partisan 9th...
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    Final Round 17 Top 8 Tonight 8PM EDT

    For those wondering when they can catch the Soulcalibur V action at Final Round XVII, we will be able to watch the top 8 finals live tonight at 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific/1AM CET and will be streamed by Funky P. Make sure you tune in to catch all of the hype and upsets. The pool matches leading up...
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    IVGC 2014 Results & Aftermath

    Results 248
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    Socal Regionals 2014 Results & Aftermath

    SC2 Results 246 SCV Results 247
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    Winter Brawl 8 Results & Aftermath

    Results 245 Shoutouts and photos later.
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    KIT 2014 Results

    Congrats to the placers. Great matches. Also shoutout to Vandy for putting on this event. 238
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    ATP Live Ep. 30 with Aris & tieTYT

    In last night’s episode of ATP Live, Aris brings tieTYT onto the show as a guest to discuss some of the high level fundamentals of how to play Soulcalibur II. This should be a good episode for those who maybe new to Soulcalibur II HD Online, or haven’t played in a long time. You can catch ATP...
  20. Malice

    More SCII Nationals Matches From Aris

    Yesterday, Aris uploaded the remaining matches that were captured from round one of the winners and losers side of the bracket at the Soulcalibur II National tournament. These matches are without commentary, and some matches may be without sound, but are still worth checking out as I’ve never...