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  1. mikosu

    Auto GIs

    In JS A+B If successful she headbutts the opponent and either gets a headache or chance for mood change; can whiff due to distance (chance of mood change); 30 damage; [A+B] has no auto follow-up on successful GI unless you let it go; non-hold GIs from [?-?] GIs weapon-based mids, special mids...
  2. mikosu

    Tira Guard Burst Data

    Note: Unlike my format in SC4 I will go up to 15 instead of 20 due to the overall higher attack damage in SC5. 5 4B+KB (5.5) 6 GS: 44(B) (6.17) 7 WR BK 8 [A+B] JS: BT B+KB 44AA GS: 22B 44B (8.33) 10 GS: 2A+B 11 WR B 4B+K JS: 3B 66B GS: 66K 12 JS: 44A2A 22B (11.5) A+B GS...
  3. mikosu

    Tira Patch Discussion

    Tira defaults to Jolly when selecting rematch in VS mode. A.A (Harmonic Wing): lengthened opponent's block freeze. Opponent can no longer duck second attack after blocking the first attack. In Jolly 6A.B (Snare Robin): created distance on 1st attack hit or block. Shortened opponent's freeze on...
  4. mikosu

    [March 15, 2012] Battle and Brew Results

    We had a small turnout of 16 people and were overshadowed by Mortal Kombat but it was all good fun. Hope to get more free time to play in a tourney again. Keep it up ATL. 1st: RTD 2nd: mikosu 3rd: sWoRD_LoRD 4th: ShinjiUrahara
  5. mikosu

    Final Round XV has begun!

    Final Round XV in Atlanta started today and already the competition looks fierce. With a total 251 registrations for Soulcalibur V, that makes FR15 the largest Soulcalibur tournament in history! With the pot bonus from both Namco and Evolution, some of the best players in the world will be...
  6. mikosu

    Gameplay System Info Thread (SC5)

    Life Bar Health is still 240. Characters live at 0 health, so it is effectively 241. When a character has 25% health left (60 points) the life bar turns yellow. When a character has 10% health left (24 points) all attacks that normally do 20 damage or less will do half damage. This is based on...
  7. mikosu

    Match of the Year 2010

    It's that time again my 8WR family. lobo has taken over what I started in 2009 and narrowed it down to six finalists for 2010. Go to the full thread in the following link and do your part to decide the winner for this year! ONE DAY OF VOTING LEFT! MAKE YOURS COUNT! The time has come! What do...
  8. mikosu

    SHK stuns' frames

    Shakeable stuns have an animation that the character must go through before the shaking takes effect. Therefore they give a minimum amount of frames. I'm working on finding those since they add an interesting layer of depth to the game. Any not noted in the wiki I will add as soon as I find...
  9. mikosu

    8WR is on the map!

    Short and sweet: Thanks to this picture in a recent tweet from Harada's Twitter we now know that Namco knows we exist. Get hype! In case you can't tell, look at what Katsuhiro Harada is holding in his hands...
  10. mikosu

    Help Partisan get to FSAK!

    Alright 8WR. You're being called on once again to help a fellow player get what they need. Partisan is the guy who brought us that sexy FSAK hype trailer. It would be a total shame if he were unable to go after all the work he's done. Cost of his tickets is $130 total. He doesn't need much so...
  11. mikosu

    Friendly Reminder - SC4 Tournament Rules

    Important note from 8WR's official hypeman Malice There's alot of people out there who are either unaware that Hilde/Algol were banned from tournament play, do not know what the current ruleset is for Soul Calibur, or have no idea where on the site to find the current ruleset. If you happen...
  12. mikosu

    Full Speed Aerial Kicks in your face!

    SC4's last big tournament on the East Coast hosted by IdleMind is coming soon. As many of you 8WRers as possible should attend. Check the thread for all the necessary info: FSAK main thread Specific information about the side tournaments can be found here: Side tournaments thread Vote on the...
  13. mikosu

    DEVASTATION 2010 Results

    Will post as they occur. 31 players up for SC4. Copypasta from my annoucement: "Watch it on DJ Wheat's channel, DEV's page, on uStream, or in Javachat with your fellow 8WRers. I suggest you all come to Javachat." Winners in bold. Tomahawk (Mitsu) vs BlackMamba (Voldo) thugish_pond (Amy) vs...
  14. mikosu

    Technical Details

    Thanks to IdleMind we're now able to know more details about SC4's system. I will compile info here as I find it. (Will throw in known things as well.) Standard throws 16 frame break window Early break occurs if you break from frames [1-6]. Leaves you at +3. (Will verify) Neutral break...
  15. mikosu

    Another Matchup Chart Attempt

    Pretty late in the game so we should have SOME idea of how these matchups work. I'll be looking around for more matchup charts later. Blue squares are matchups that add up. Editing is closed. Let's work...
  16. mikosu

    Phoenix Revival Monthly Results (April)

    I'm sure Ramon probably wanted to do this but I'll start it anyway. I don't have the full results but will edit the first post when I find them. SC4 Pros: 1st Catalina Wine Mixer 1st Some Asian Guy 3rd TAS B TAS B:4 SC4 No Pros: 1st King of Scrubs (Mitsu) 2nd That Tira Scrub (Amy, Yun, Zas...
  17. mikosu

    Cannes Vids

    I'll compile them as they show up. Solo Side Event Grand Finals 3vs3 5vs5 Rainbow vs Muscle: Rainbow vs Cosa Nostra: Shen Ou (Kilik) vs Dina (Hilde) - not recorded Pad Breaker vs Rainbow: Italy vs Singapore (Semi-Finals) Belgium vs Singapore...
  18. mikosu

    Match of the Year 2009

    It's that time people. Pick your favorite out of these 5 finalists to determine 8WR's match of the year for 2009! Ends January 18th.
  19. mikosu

    Match of the Year 2009 Nominations

    Idea stolen from SRK. I will leave this thread open for 1.5 weeks for nominations to give everyone a chance. Then I will make a new thread with the top 5 nominations and we'll have a week-long poll to decide the top Soul Calibur Match of 2009! Rules (so far): 1. Match must have video evidence...
  20. mikosu

    Battle Fantasia

    Old thread was closed. So does anyone have this? I need a Watson combro list. He's so adorable :3