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  1. Mayu

    French Session Avalanche Dojo with kAB

    Hello everyone. Here's the VOD of the french session between kAB and the french players like Sakon, Scud, Lifes, Deus_Kaliya, Kira, Keev and me.
  2. Mayu

    DeusMentes #2 - Results

    And you had to see that to believe it !!! Kusanagi has actually defeated Keev, our strongest french player, in the Grand final by winning 5-4, ( it ends with 2 rounds equal ! The issue was amazingly unpredictable, though we all expected Keev's victory) You can watch the VOD in these 2 links ...
  3. Mayu

    [Jan 13, 2014] French Tournament - 2nd Edition of the Deusmentes - [Jan 19, 2014] (0)

    Good days, everyone, Mayu/Rosa's speaking here. I hope you do well for the beginning of the year 2014. I wish you joy, happiness, peace, good health. Do you remember the 1st Deusmentes ? Deus_Kaliya, the Aeon French player has finally set up the 2nd tournament gathering 16 players. The...
  4. Mayu

    French tournament "Deusmentes"

    Good evening, everyone. First of all, let me thank all of you, guys from the bottom of my heart. The list will be very long : - those who organized the event such as -> Deus_Kaliya : the Boss, the one who had the idea -> ITLAU : the one who held the French Stream with a good quality ->...
  5. Mayu

    [Jul 23, 2013] "DeusMentes" The French Online Tournament

    Hello/Good Evening everybody! How do you do? I'm here to talk a bit about the French event, which shall be set up Tuesday the 23rd, called the "Deusmentes"! The "Deusmentes" is an online tournament organized by the French community over at SCFR. 13 players (previous victors of a set of weekly...
  6. Mayu

    [Pyrrha Omega] NS A/DNS A DNS B {4; :4} Combo

    :sc5pyr1: :sc5se: Hi, dear malfested players. :sc5se::sc5pyr1: How do you do ? I sincerely hope you enjoy stabbing your opponents. And I wish to share something I searched for such a long time. Allow me to show (proudly) the mysterious combo : NS A / DNS A DNS B {4; :4} ( around 82-96/92 - 108...