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    The B+K BE thread

    There's no way this move doesn't deserve its own thread. It may very well be the most unique and complicated move in the game and the Zwei SA so far imo hasn't done a very good job talking about all of its properties at length. Properties: - B+K can be used after a slight pause after B+K BE...
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    The Pyrrha Whiff Thread

    I've noticed a lot of punishment whiffs that I've felt should have landed. I know I could probably just post this stuff in one of the other threads, but I feel like this deserves a little bit more attention. I don't believe the developers intented inconsistency with punishments, so if this gets...
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    Soulcalibur Players Map So, here's the idea. Post your city, state/province/county, and country in the thread or in a PM to me if you don't want to clutter things up, and I'll tag your location on the map in the url above. You can also include your contact at other places like SRK or dustloop...
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    Pyrrha Movelist Discussion/Analysis

    I am really jealous of the Ivy SA because they aren't talking about how cute Ivy's win poses are. They are actually talking about constructive things like her move set and how it works. Anyone playing Sophie now will know what they are doing with Pyrrha on day one when SCV launches, but there is...
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    Gay or Straight?

    Just out of curiosity, I would like to see some real numbers from the 8wayrun community.
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    Sophitia SC5 Discussion

    Time to make one of these for Sophie. I am really scared to suggest buffs while leaving TAS B as disgusting as it is. You could very VERY easily make her into a monster without toning that down. Honestly, I am pretty happy with where she is now, but here is my greedy wish list: - Better...