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  1. DYY

    There are rank down matches now?

    I fought my first rank down match with a person today. Instead of a rank up match, the match title said "rank down". I beat the person and the person went from C5 ranking to D1 ranking. I don't think this was always there. The patch seems to have added rank down matches.
  2. DYY

    I just noticed this...Astaroth clones in the background of Astaroth's stage

    I was messing around in training mode today. So i decided to practice on the 2nd tier of Astaroth's stage. If you look at the walls of this stage... you can see Astaroth clones in tubes. Wow... I can only imagine if they woke up and broke out of those tubes in the wall... you would have to...
  3. DYY

    Not So Fast! (General GI Discussion)

    I would like to apply his auto GIs, A+B and B+K into my normal game. I don't really have the best knowledge when it comes to applying auto gis or even doing regular GIs. is there any attack strings i should watch for from my opponent? Or when I could use his auto-gis to interrupt.
  4. DYY

    Algol and Olcadan speculation

    I don't know if this was mentioned before... but is it just me or does algol and olcadan almost share similar armors? Algol was the first cannon holder of soul calibur and soul edge. Olcadan's profile states Olcadan would have been alive when soul edge and soul calibur were at a...
  5. DYY

    Soul Calibur ios first screenshots Looks just like what I remembered from the dream cast days ;)
  6. DYY

    Bestbuy preorder bonus: Dampierre! The page opens up to Dampierre. it also says "Only at Best Buy"
  7. DYY

    Viola has similar gameplay to Orianna from league of legends

    I was showing a friend Viola gameplay yesterday. He mentioned she has a ball style similar to a character from league of legends... Orianna. Pardon if this isn't the place to post this... but I found this a little interesting.
  8. DYY

    Hello... i've been lurking around the community for years ;D

    Hello, i'm DYY ^__^;;... i've been lurking around the community for years as a guest. I have been browsing the forums back when this community had domain and I followed the community to caliburforums... and now here... hehehe. I have been a long time fan of the series. Played...