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  1. Starscream

    Just frame Bpm training.

    This is a guide to training to use just frames the same way a concert musician (or most professional musicians) train to play a song at the correct tempo. I've played piano for 24 years at this point. Step 1 is to set up a metronome at the desired tempo 1A:A:A = 163.63636... Bpm, 164 works...
  2. Starscream

    Budo journal: War path

    If you're looking to read anything interesting or enlightening that's rather unfortunate at the current point in time. I'm starting a Journal of Budo inspired by an article I read here [about finding an opponents rhythm] as well as Morihei Ueshiba a.k.a. Ōsensei and his life's story about his...
  3. Starscream

    Create yourself in Soul Calibur?

    Here's a CaS of me Here's what it was inspired by Back in the days I was a Nazi fencing knight and carried around a Luger 9mm, Rapier, and broad sword. Those were good times. Post your CaS's of you here.
  4. Starscream

    Monty Python CaS

    If I lose the match I'll say "It's just a flesh wound."
  5. Starscream

    Intentionally distracting CaS and edit's

    Anyone have obnoxiously distracting creations? Sometimes I just feel like trolling when I play Soul calibur. Which is why I have a Nightmare that looks like THIS!
  6. Starscream

    17th Century Rendition CaS's

    So, here's Vile's art from Megaman X Maverick hunter [Only real difference from the Maverick hunter Vile and the original is that the Symbol on his forehead in Maverick hunter is a V while in the original it's Sigma's insignia] And here's my 17th century version of Vile. Keep in mind the...
  7. Starscream

    some of my CaS's

  8. Starscream

    What if? A fanfic series inspired by Marvel comics

    In a world similar to universe 616 the Dr.Doom of this world Discovered a fragment of the cursed sword in a cave near Latveria. After Thoroughly researching this [as doom always does] doom knew all that there was to know about Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. Within the next 13 years Doom had...
  9. Starscream

    Anyone down to record a room of CaS's?

    I don't have the technology to display my CaS's. :(... And I love my CaS's. I'm sure others out there have wonderful CaS's and aren't able to display them either. So If anyone is able to open a CaS room and run a stream it'd be very appreciated. My PSN is StarScream802. I do not have a...
  10. Starscream

    Marvel Mondays [Marvel comics]

    I've decided to open a room on Mondays for Marvel Mondays showcasing Marvel themed CaS's. However I don't have a stream or the equipment to do such a thing [which would be nice if I did, then we could put it on the net and show all the fun CaS's]. Just make a Marvel Comics character [Or a MvC...
  11. Starscream

    Nightmare Defensive Options

    get to the meat and potatoes by pressing ctrl+F and looking for NDO So, something's been bugging me since I've had SCV: I occasionally lose a round to a player that simply presses the same button over and over with a faster character. In SCII-IV this never happened to me. So, what's different...
  12. Starscream

    Soul Calibur Notation

    Bare with me. This is only my third post on this site. When I got here I looked up a few combos and thought . o O ( This is a very different kind of shorthand than other fighters. I guess when a button's labeled "B" you can't use the same to mean "back". It's not as silly as jab, strong, fierce...