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  1. Sp1d3r

    Frame Calculator

    I'm making this thread to gauge interest in an idea I have for creating a program that can compare character frames and give results instantly. It would be able to compare nearly any data, such as finding types of punishes instantly, or beating a move's attack speed, etc. I'm also taking...
  2. Sp1d3r

    Guide: Traveling to an Event

    So you have found, and you are starting to like the people, conversations, and atmosphere of the place. You’ve maybe heard of tournament players or have already considered the idea of entering a tournament, but the idea of traveling anywhere farther than a few hours can be a scary...
  3. Sp1d3r

    Your character isn't working for you

    I have been using Nightmare for a long time now. There's still a lot of adjustments for me to make, and still a lot to learn. However, people have been suggesting that "the character isn't for you", "try different characters" etc. I feel my plateauing has nothing to do with the character...
  4. Sp1d3r

    vs aPat

    aPat has me locked down at what seems to be the exact range that I'm supposed to be fighting at. Does anyone have any tips for this matchup (which is supposedly not in NM favor )
  5. Sp1d3r

    The Armory [August 2012]

    Armory is a Soul Calibur monthly e-Zine and community media round up. In this issue we muse upon the results of EVO and speculate on the upcoming MLG matches. Later we'll dive into some Calibur theory and demonstrate how to perform Just Guard. Drake has also written an excellent article on how...
  6. Sp1d3r

    The Calibur Primer

    The Calibur Primer Yomi, a term originating from VF and Sirlin Games, gets used a lot. But what does it really mean? It’s a fairly simple idea, meaning knowing the mind of the opponent. It means knowing what your opponent will do next so that you can capitalize on it. So how do we...
  7. Sp1d3r

    The Armory VI (Weekly Media Roundup) 5/31/12

    Hey guys, Spider here again with your regular helping of protein and vegetables. Today we have an interview with Tekken Director, Harada, Belial's community balance patch poll, and an interview with Partisan as well as his Target Practice Q&A in which he'll answer your game specific questions...
  8. Sp1d3r

    The Armory V (Weekly Media Roundup) 5/24/12

    Hey, guys. Spider here with another batch of highly concentrated forum juice. This week, we unmask scrubs, learn from the pros, and question why stages can be chosen in ranked mode. ZeroEffect317 has released a new episode of his Leixia tutorial series, PockyYoshi begins his Create-A-Soul IRON...
  9. Sp1d3r

    Types of Scrubs

    Scrub is a derogatory term. It's ruthless and exposing. Most of us know what a scrub looks like, but some scrubs skulk unmasked and must be revealed. So here we go... Top 8 Types of scrubs! (Or for you intellectually curious folk: archetypes) 8. The Extremely Bad Scrub: These are the most...
  10. Sp1d3r

    The Armory IV (Weekly Media Roundup) 5/17/12

    Hey guys, Spider here. There is a lot of fun stuff going on so be sure to look around. If you haven't registered yet, sign up and leave us a message in the New Player Arena. We have some amazing videos this week. Watch Kayane at a young age in a tournament, or the recent online Tournament...
  11. Sp1d3r

    The Greekdojo Results 5/7/12

    Finally, after a long time the Greek Soul Calibur community is starting to gather and the first tournament of this year's session has already taken place. Old and new Soul Calibur players have finally started clashing with each other in Soul Calibur V, a title that as it seems will return this...
  12. Sp1d3r

    The Armory III (Weekly Media Roundup) 5/10/12

    Welcome back to another Armory. I'm glad you guys are digging this stuff. Just a few shoutouts, UnseenWombat has organized a 16-man online tournament and the finals will be broadcasted by Fahros this Saturday at 6PM EST. Fahros and Bibulus will be commentating. The Armory is a collection of...
  13. Sp1d3r

    The Armory II (Weekly Media Roundup) 5/4/12

    We’re back again with more media and the Armory is fully loaded. Before we get into the thick of it—a contest announcement. “Calibur Heroes” is starting up soon; you’ll submit online/offline matches and the community will vote for the best fights. The winning matches are analyzed and...
  14. Sp1d3r

    The Armory (Weekly Media Roundup) 4/28/12

    Hey guys, Spider here. Now that the community is fired up and information is flying left and right, it's getting harder to stay on top of what is relevant. In these articles, we'll compile the good stuff and bring it all straight to your front page. Continue reading to check out the...
  15. Sp1d3r

    Contracts: Most Wanted

    This is an experimental thread for putting out hit contracts on certain people. Should look something like this... Wanted: A video of Heaton losing badly. Last Seen: 8WR Chatroom kissing Partisan Reason: Dampierre user Reward: Honorable mentions
  16. Sp1d3r

    Nightmare Matchup Reference Guide

    Use Ctrl + F on your keyboard to find a character quickly. Aeon Algol Astaroth Cervantes Dampierre Ezio Auditore Hilde Ivy Leixia Maxi Mitsurugi Natsu Nightmare Patroklos Pyrrha Raphael Siegfried Tira Viola Voldo Xiba Yoshimitsu Z.W.E.I α Patroklos Ω Pyrrha
  17. Sp1d3r

    Merry F^@%&#@ Christmas

    What are you all doing for Christmas? Any special plans? I'm going to attempt to not die from over eating
  18. Sp1d3r

    What makes a character "top tier"?

    This seemingly easy question might have more to it and I'm curious what makes a character better than another. How can someone like Omega climb to the top of the board using Zasalamel(low tier) ? Is it step, evasion properties, SG damage? What will determine a tier in SC5 with the addition of...
  19. Sp1d3r

    SC V Invitational with Kayane - Huge Video Collection!

    Astas Critical Edge at 2:28
  20. Sp1d3r

    Buying SC5

    I was one click away from pre ordering sc5 then I realized there were no special promos. Is it worth buying now or should I wait? Where is my arcade stick/strategy guide/t-shirt bundle that I have no problem paying lots of cash for?