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  1. Jaytech

    Old school 2D fighters

    i dunno why, but lately im trying to collect all the good old school fighting games that are playable on my ps3. right now i got: capcom vs. snk 2 ps2 mortal kombat trilogy psx king of fighters xi ps2 what else could be interesting? note that i don't wanna have only sf games or snk, i...
  2. Jaytech

    Have a question? Ask here!

    this thread is meant for questions about SC4 in general. feel free to post your questions here. all members are encouraged to help out whoever is in need of answers. read more, post less! here are some popular threads: forum directory...
  3. Jaytech

    My Music Promotion Thread

    im producing electronic music in my free time when im not playing games: check it out!
  4. Jaytech

    SCIV wallpapers enjoy!
  5. Jaytech

    Dead Space PS3/Xbox360

    it's one of the better games in this Q4. it plays like a mixture of RE4 and Metroid Prime. graphics and gameplay are solid. maybe it's the beginning of something great! i gonna pick it up soon. who else?
  6. Jaytech

    SCIV - Join The Darkside by Sithlord

    as you might have guessed, it's a combo vid for Vader and The Apprentice: awesome!
  7. Jaytech

    [Germany] Wir haben grosse Schwerter

    Für die deutsche Community.
  8. Jaytech

    WipEout HD

    who is playing? it's awesome, even if you know pure and pulse. online is great!
  9. Jaytech

    Game -> movie adaptations

    it's a trend in hollywood right now to make those movies inspired by big games. most of them are done by uwe boll (german director), who really does a bad job, but is surprisingly successful with his adaptations. so far we have seen final fantasy, alone in the dark, resident evil, hitman...
  10. Jaytech promotion

    im sure many of you visit other gaming sites regularly. in order to expand the community let's do some promotion for this site in other gaming forums. it can only help! like this for example: do it now!:)
  11. Jaytech

    Amy Combo vids by Syxx

    nice! also some sc4 tourney vids: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
  12. Jaytech

    Various CAS characters

    i didn't do them, i found them. use your browser's search function to find things faster. have fun! ---------- CATEGORIES ---------- Category I. Final Fantasy Series Category II. 'Tales of' Series Series Category III. Breath of Fire Series Category IV. Devil May Cry Series...
  13. Jaytech

    SCIV Combo Acts I+II by Sithlord (Team A.C.E.)

    pt I: pt II: credits to sithlord (TZ). great job, dude.
  14. Jaytech

    Tekken 6 PS3 Discussion

    most of you know it's coming out for the ps3. whether it will also be available for the 360 we don't know yet (it's not announced officially, only the ps3 version is confirmed!). some say it will include the new t6br update already (but i think it's gonna be a DLC later after the release!)...