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  1. seyfer

    SC ArgentuM

    Here I will put the videos of the fighting in our community. I hope you like it. Freeplays:
  2. seyfer

    Soul Calibur V - Special Combo Feature

    The idea of ​​this video was to do something similar to the trailer released by Namco for SoulCaliburIV. This is a work conducted jointly by "seyfer studios" ( & "raynarrokDevelopment" ( Video...
  3. seyfer

    Soul Calibur V - Soul's barrier - Just Guards

    Soul Calibur V - Just Guards - Tutorial & Demostration. Here is my complete list of JG (pdf format): Sorry about what happened before, this video has no audio due to copyright issues. Soon I'll be uploading to a server download the original...
  4. seyfer

    Aeon's wife

    This is what comes in the moment of weakness. Everyone thought that the poor Lizardman having contracted the curse that made it what it is, never was able to find love. However, anything is possible, and this is how I get Lizardman marry a beautiful woman. Currently have one month of married...
  5. seyfer

    Soul Calibur V - The demon within

    "The demon within" is a project that will help in learning with Natsu. [/FONT]
  6. seyfer

    Soul Calibur V - Dovahrgonian

    "Dovahrgonian" is a project that will help in learning with Aeon Calcos (Lizardman).
  7. seyfer

    Soul Calibur V - Remembrances of Wolfkrone

    "Remembrances of Wolfkrone" is a project that will help in learning with Hilde.
  8. seyfer

    Soul Calibur V - Where's the umbrella?

    I put all videos on the same topic to improve the organization. "Where's the umbrella?" is a project that will help in learning with Alpha Patroklos. Chapters 1 to 5: You can find all these videos in the following playlist on YouTube:
  9. seyfer

    My last contributions of SCIV

    Here are my two latest videos of SCIV, I hope you like it.
  10. seyfer

    Christmas, alcohol & SCIV

  11. seyfer

    Soul Calibur IV - Lizardman - The creature of sin

    I made this Lizardman Combo Video I hope you like it.
  12. seyfer

    GMV - Soul Saga - Hearts on fire (Hammerfall)

    I made this Game Music Video using HD quality fights I could find on YouTube. I hope you like it. Enjoy.
  13. seyfer

    Soul Calibur IV - Taki - The Sealed Sword of Godspeed

    I made this combo video I hope you like it and find it useful.
  14. seyfer

    SCIV Online Stream

    Someone has an online stream of SCIV? I would like to see live fights.
  15. seyfer

    Favorite Seong Mi-na

    Who is your favorite seong mi-na's player?
  16. seyfer

    Favorite Taki

    What is your favorite Taki?
  17. seyfer

    SCIV Cinematic Videos

    Anyone know where I can get all cinematic videos SCIV (Endings, intro, ...) with good quality.
  18. seyfer

    A game music video of SCIII

  19. seyfer

    Video Capture Card

    Someone may recommend a brand of video capture card with HDMI connection to record my fights Soul calibur IV in resolutions of 1080i or 720.
  20. seyfer

    Soul Calibur III - Quick play - Extremely hard - Setsuka - Without lose

    Here I bring one of my latest Soul Calibur III plays against the AI. The gameplay is divided into four parts: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: I hope these videos are to their liking...doranakal...