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  1. KnightWarrior

    Marvel vs. Capcom Origins XBL/PSN

    I saw this on shoruyken
  2. KnightWarrior

    I like this Game, But...

    Why did Nemco cut Talim, Taki, Sophitia & Cassandra... I played it with my godson a couple weeks ago..I only played Tira
  3. KnightWarrior

    NFL Playoffs

    Who is everyone fave team and who is everyone going for in the Playoffs?? Mine is the S.F 49ers and the Cleveland Browns Go Niners on Saturday
  4. KnightWarrior

    Post your Lolcat Pics

    I'll this thread post funny Cat Pics
  5. KnightWarrior

    TurboGrafx 16/Turbo Duo Controller Adapter

    Any Sites with info converting SNES, Genesis 6 to TurboGrafx 16/Turbo Duo Pad?? I know mmmonkey had NES to PC Engine/TurboGrafx..How about games that requiers 6 button controls like to play Street Fighter 2 CE with a SNES Pad
  6. KnightWarrior

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

    I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone, Eat , Eat and Eat more
  7. KnightWarrior


    Anyone got this game on the 360 or the PS3??
  8. KnightWarrior

    Beavis and Butt-head are back

    Have anyone been watching them since they returned on MTV?? I have been
  9. KnightWarrior

    Controllers or Joysticks

    For Fighting Games..What do you use the most? I'm used to a Controller SNES, Genesis 6 & the Model 2 Saturn Pad I just can't get in too Sticks if I tried.......
  10. KnightWarrior

    Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition - PS2

    Does any one still play this on the PS2 or the Xbox?? I started to play the game a few nights ago..I still suck on a Joystick I'm semi good on a Pad, I can't do the fancy combos like the Pros does..But I do know how to play..I play Guile, Ryu & Ken
  11. KnightWarrior

    Super Mario Collection Special Pack Wii

    Coming out in Japan on October 21..I hope comes here I been reading people's reply's on Many Forum's about it
  12. KnightWarrior

    Super SF2 HD Remix (PS3)

    Have anyone have Trouble with lag on the USB Saturn Controller?? Whil jumping forward(Roundhouse or Fierce) it dosn't connect, I know the USB Sat Pad is ment for PC.. for it to be in Video Games Discussion I love this game, I'm going to dowload it when I have my PS3
  13. KnightWarrior

    Magic Mountain L.A

    Have anyone in the L.A area been there?? I might be going next week
  14. KnightWarrior


    I'm talking about the NES & SNES as well as the Game Boy, forget the N64 for a min I remember seeing SMB3 at Captron where my Brother worked in 91 at $50 I love playing Retro System's like the NES, SNES - I have a Retro Duo a 2 in 1 SNES + NES System
  15. KnightWarrior


    Have anyone played this game?? My friend bought this game on the 360, This game is cool
  16. KnightWarrior

    Sega Genesis

    Does anyone here play the System here or just Emulated on the PC?? What is everyone Fave Game on the System?? Mine is Sonic Sonic 2 Vectorman Super SF2 SF2 SCE Contra Hard Corps Castlevania
  17. KnightWarrior

    NBA Jam

    Coming out for the Wii later this year I love the NBA Jam & NBA Jam T.E for the Genesis
  18. KnightWarrior

    Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad

    I saw one thread on here got closed.. I was going to pick this up at Hollywood Video for $20 But now I see it on youtube, I would pay $5 for this game, look's like a PS2 game
  19. KnightWarrior

    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

    Have anyone ever played it?? Great Game.. I'm looking for GH version, but can't find it cheap
  20. KnightWarrior

    Media Sharing - PS3

    I have a couple movies on my PC Moonwalker - Well not a Movie This is it Whip it My brother got his PC sharing with his 360 & the PS3..I want to view the movies on the PS3, it's showing on the PS3 but won't let me in edit, I'm trying to share on my laptop to the PS3