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  1. Egg

    New Z.W.E.I. players post your Questions here.

    We here at the Z.W.E.I. Soul arena are working hard to create new and up to date guiges that will explain how to play Z.W.E.I. to the fullest of his potential. We ask that you be patient and check back for updates. In the mean time while we are working on these new Guides we are going to...
  2. Egg

    Z.W.E.I Move list break down

    One of the hardest things about playing Z.W.E.I is adapting to his odd Move List. The first thing to keep in mind when playing Z.W.E.I is that the Moves you will use will change based on the character you are facing. Certain moves become punishable while others become bait depending on the...
  3. Egg

    How to Maximize your damage with Z.W.E.I?

    This is a little something for someone learning the mechanics of Z.W.E.I or people who want to win with Z.W.E.I but are having trouble dealing damage with him. When playing Z.W.E.I it is important to understand how to do the most damage you can do when you get the opportunity to do so. How to...
  4. Egg

    The Chess match. Zwei vs Zwei MU

    I have never seen a thread in here about the mirror match with zwei. Imo it is one of the strangest and most random matchs there is. So I pose this question to everyone. What are your thoughts and counters for this MU?
  5. Egg

    Port Forwarding reduces games dropped

    I have no idea if this has been discussed yet but after doing some research and testing I have found; If you port forward your ps3 then you can improve your connection and stability. This was proven last night when I was finally able to play a guy I've been having issues playing with. I was able...
  6. Egg

    [Colorado] We are Higher than you

    This thread is for people looking for games in Colorado. If you are interested in getting some games in post up. Dont be scared :). Colorado also has its own gaming community website as well if your looking for matchs in other games. Go We now have a facebook group...
  7. Egg

    Mortal Kombat Live Action Web Series

    Episode 1 Mortal Kombat Legacy
  8. Egg

    C3 GameStop Ranbat Vids

    Some tourny matchs not many since we only had one vcr and other tournys going. Crituiqe is welcome sc4 losers final sc4 grand finals 3 parts