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  1. Delloso

    Anti Prep study

    When studying matchups, I decided to test each character's most efficient anti Prep options and made annotations about them, something to help me memorize my counter options for my opponent's counter options. My plan was, if my opponent is doing x to beat my prep entries, I could immediately...
  2. Delloso

    Useless moves

    I noticed a lot of soul arenas have threads like this, so I decided to make one for Raph. I'll make a list of moves that I consider to have low applications and hopefully we can discover hidden potential on some of them. You can post your own list too. Here's mine: 3K 33A prep A+B/3A+B:5...
  3. Delloso

    The most creative thread title: hi

    Hello everyone, hope you guys are fine. I'm a new member, but I've been playing sc5 for a while now, met and fought many of you, most probably don't remember me. I'm a Raph main looking to improve. Hopefully I can have productive conversations here, I've given up talking about sc5 with angry...