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  1. fukou_da_man

    Amy Character Discord!

    Come join the fun if you're interested in learning or actually becoming competitive Amy in SC6.
  2. fukou_da_man

    Seong Mi-na Combos

    To get you started, here's some simple combos you can do with Mina to get you started. LEGEND T! = TIP HIT LS = LINGERING STEP LH = LETHAL HIT JF POGO = 8B+K : B : B 3B/WR B/9B (damage based off 3B) ~ 3b:K ~ 3B (48, easy) ~ 6 ~ 3b:K ~ 66(B+K) ~ 8A+B (59, moderate) (6A+B ender will...
  3. fukou_da_man

    Join the Seong Mi-na character discord!
  4. fukou_da_man

    Join the (un)Official Talim Discord Server This will be a place where you can find information if you're interested in competing, or simply discuss the character. Everyone is welcome. I'll try my best to compile as much information as possible so that you're prepared to both play her and face her!
  5. fukou_da_man

    muh X (some notes on the character)

    Here's some stuff I jotted down from my experience playing X in the 6 character build. Everything is subject to change. X is reaaaally good. She has so many tools and so much damage. Definitely enjoy playing her. 3A is as stupid as ever and goes into AoP among other bullshit. Her GB has crazy...
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    whats a hashbrown

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    Fukou's art crap

    Just a thread to post random bits of drawings I've done and/or am doing. Eeeeh that's enough for now
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    Fukou's Corner: Fiction of the Fans

    Greetings! I thought I would take the time to share mit meinen freunden, the zany and wild thoughts that regularly pass through my twisted-yet-elegant mind! For now, I shall leave you with a fan fiction written awhile back before the Navy hijacked my life. The first I'm going to post here is...
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    When/why did you decide to "git gud"?

    I've been playing the series since the beginning, but was "ultra casual scrub" til 5 came out. I made some effort to improve in 4, but ultimately just meh'd since the game was years old at that point. Never played SC1 or 3 since I didn't notice they were even released lol. Then SCV came out...