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  1. ZeroEffect317

    SC6 Season 2 Update: Talim Changes

    Season 2 comes out sometime tomorrow, and the game is basically getting an overhaul. Here's a link to all of the system and balance changes...
  2. ZeroEffect317

    Talim Patch Notes for next Patch

    Not sure exactly when the patch goes live. But there's some changes coming for the entire cast, and Talim included. Here's the link to the notes...
  3. ZeroEffect317

    Buckling Down: Talim's Matchups

    SC6 Talim Matchup Discussion Thread General Thread for any and all of Talim's matchups. Maybe there's a better way to do these kinds of things, but I think having individual matchup threads will just clutter everything. There is however a Talim specific Discord server linked in it's own thread...
  4. ZeroEffect317

    Talim's Guard Crush Info

    This is where we can post stuff on her Guard Crush data and her options post guard crush. Spreadsheet for Guard Burst data by @GranmasGotGame I just discovered that certain breaks allow her to...
  5. ZeroEffect317

    Easy-Breezy Talim Combos

    Talim Combo List: FC = Full Crouch BT = Back Turned RCC = Recover Crouch Cancel (Tap a direction at the end of the move animation to recover standing instead of crouching.) WNC = Wind Charmer WNS = Wind Sault WNF = Wind Fury Normal Hit Combos: - A,A - 18 dmg - A,A>B,A *Last two hits NC* - 30...
  6. ZeroEffect317

    Talim in SCVI: Move Study & Analysis

    SC6 Talim Move-List Analysis * = New Move ** = Hidden Move (not listed in game's command list) In-Game Command List: Here's all the info I could gather on how she functions. Included gifs of new stuff. A Attacks A,A - Classic AA (NC) A,A,A* - New String ~ AA into her old 3A (3...
  7. ZeroEffect317

    What happened to the status updates?

    Yeah, that's it. Might've already been addressed somewhere, but just curious why they were removed from the side of the screen. @Jaxel
  8. ZeroEffect317

    Discussion: Best way to win?

    Basically a gameplay philosophy thing I've wondered about. After watching a bunch of tournament vids from various fighting games, does anyone think there may be a certain playstyle/gameplan that one needs to have to see the most success? No player is perfect, and all have their own natural...
  9. ZeroEffect317

    Philly/NJ Player Highlight Reels

    Yo. Made a Highlight Reel for a few of my matches from my SC journey. Possibly creating some for other players in my region as well. Thread will be updated accordingly. - Soul of "ZEROEFFECT" - Soul of "INSANEKHENT" - Soul of "MALICE"
  10. ZeroEffect317

    Leixia CE Interrupts

    Looking at Reptile's semi-recent post about Leixia's CE interrupting Viola's SET 44A BE string coupled with my own research got me thinking... Just how many strings can she interrupt and punish with her CE? Viola - SET 44A BE (Interrupts after blocking 2nd hit. She moves away from the orb...
  11. ZeroEffect317

    Crybaby glitch?

    Ok now this has been happening to me since the first day I started playing Leixia. Has ANYONE else felt like there was a glitch with crybaby that sometimes makes you stand up and attack instead? I've lost a few matches to Natsus in particular when trying to roll and then do crybaby or simply...
  12. ZeroEffect317

    Learning Leixia Tutorial Series: by ZeroEffect

    Thread specifically for the Learning Leixia video guide. Feedback and comments about the videos, requests, reviews, how to improve them, etc. are encouraged. LEARNING LEIXIA Episode 1: Getting Started with Leixia (part 1) Episode 1: Getting Started with Leixia (part 2) Episode 2: Basic...
  13. ZeroEffect317

    Complete Punishment Info

    This thread is only for compiling all the punishment info from the Leixia Punishment Guide thread. Any and all discussion will be carried out in the other thread. **If there are multiple spoiler tags, the info is in the last one. (Don't know why some of them are repeated) for Aeon Algol...
  14. ZeroEffect317

    Leixia Combos

    This thread will be containing combos contributed by the community. You can submit and talk about combos in this thread. UPDATES AS OF LATEST PATCH (ver. 1.03) Natural Combos (NC): AA - 18 dmg BB - 28 dmg 6KK - 34 dmg 1KK - 42 dmg 33_66_99AA - 26 dmg (KND) 33_99BB - 43 dmg (KND) 22_88kAA - 32...
  15. ZeroEffect317

    Lexy's Guard Burst Data

    Compiling a list of Leixia's Guard Burst moves. I feel like this is very key to her game due to her lack of fast lows. *UPDATED FOR LATEST PATCH* Key: old data~Current data -If previous number is YELLOW, the move was stronger before the patch and got NERFED. -If previous number is RED, the...
  16. ZeroEffect317

    Talim Matchup Strategy Guide - pt1 (Mina/Amy/Voldo/Mitsu)

    I know SCV is the big topic of discussion around here lately, but it's still about a year off. So for those of us who still play this game, here's my breakdown of Talim's matchups. My first guide should have gotten you familiar with how to play Talim effectively, so this one will focus on...
  17. ZeroEffect317

    One With the Wind: The SCIV Talim Player Guide

    Yo. I'm ZeroEffect317, (or just ZeroEffect) and welcome to my Talim player guide. Chances are if you're reading this, than you are like me and found something about this character that you ended up falling in love with. Whether it's because of her fun and fluid playstyle, or her...
  18. ZeroEffect317

    Soulcalibur V Talim

    So does anyone think Talim will get redesigned in terms of playstyle in the event of an SCV version? I personally hope she doesn't, since I like the way she flows now. She really would only need a few upgrades anyway in my opinion.
  19. ZeroEffect317

    Vs. Yoda

    I'm currently testing stuff out against Yoda finally. And I felt this deserved it's own thread because of how crazy this matchup is for Talim, at least strategically. I haven't tested out much on anti-Yoda as of yet, but what I can say is that Talim's combos, and RO pressure both suffer hard...
  20. ZeroEffect317

    Talim Counter-Attacks list

    No! It's not okay!! - Talim Counter-Attacks list Yo. After hours of messing around in training mode, I've decided to compile a list of various counter options Talim has with dealing with certain moves of other characters. This will likely take a while for me to accomplish, but you guys can help...