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  1. Gamegenie222

    [May 5, 2012] NERDTRON presents: THE FINAL BOUT (Nerd-Kon Promo Tournament) (Omaha, Ne)

    This is NerdTron's now official brand for its fighting game tournaments The FINAL BOUT will be held at NerdTron's Convention hotel for Nerd-Kon ( June 8th-10th) The Carlisle Hotel. *Casuals and Coming just to hang are FREE* It will be held on April 28th 2012 and...
  2. Gamegenie222

    Transitioning from other FG's and how it affects your choices?

    So I didn't know where to put this thread at so I'm putting it here but this topic has been on my mind for the past few days as well as listening to Slips,16bit and Jwong talking about the same topic in a recent Kombat Tomb podcast on Test Your Might and been very curious on others opinion on...
  3. Gamegenie222

    Introduction Of A Wandering FG Player from Nebraska.

    Hello folks. I'm new here but I been slaking off in making a introduction thread till now cause I suck with these type of things so here's my history for you guys as it will be kinda long. I been a fan of Soul Caliber since I was about 9 when I use to play SCI in the arcades when I was younger...