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  1. OneManjiArmy

    PS3 Controller for Xbox 360

    Hey guys! I am looking for a cheap but very reliable controller converter for my PS3 controller to be used on a 360. Know any names? Please leave em here and thanks.
  2. OneManjiArmy

    Any advice for ANTI-Pyrrha?

    Lately i've been coming across some rage-quitting Pyrrha with a not so surprising perfect record. Problem is, im having a lot of trouble actually trying to fend them off. The stabs are just insane against a yoshi. Bottom line is, Do you guys have any strategies for a Yoshi to get in and do...
  3. OneManjiArmy

    Error loading SC5

    I had a thread earlier about this and I believe I put it in the wrong section, so here goes. I've been playing SC5 for awhile now, but this problem just happened a couple of days ago. The game (After I press the CD icon to play SC5) Sometimes decides not to load and instead is stuck on a black...
  4. OneManjiArmy


    Apparently, every time I leave an online lobby, my PS3 gets stuck at a black screen. I can still hear the music playing though. In addition, the PS3 has trouble starting up the game. It has NO problems on self-start up, however. "Is this...the end?"
  5. OneManjiArmy

    Yoshimitsu Customs/CAS

    I'm getting quite bored with Yoshi's 1p/2p costumes; I've overplayed it! Are there any good Yoshi CaS or customs that anyone would like to share? :D
  6. OneManjiArmy

    EVO 2012 Humor Thread

    Post up if you have
  7. OneManjiArmy

    What's less laggy? PS3 or Xbox?

    I've been playing PS3 SC5 recently and...The lag is just unbearable too many times. I was thinking about swapping a Xbox copy from someone in exchange for PS3 or just trading it in just for less lag online. I know for a fact that there will definitely be lag at Xbox, I just hope its not as...
  8. OneManjiArmy

    Best controller to use while playing SC5

    So recently, I've been playing SC5 a lot. However, I noticed my controller is starting to wear out. I'm no longer hitting my JF's and my quick steps sometimes come out as a normal step and I eat a 3B. (Maybe due to lag or something) But in any case, I require a new controller! So I was...
  9. OneManjiArmy


    Whats up? OneManjiArmy here. I'm new to this forum but definitely not new with the Soul Calibur series. I have hopped in the series at SC4 and it got me hooked because I would always play it at my friends house. The online blew though, for the record. I have mained Yoshimitsu since SC4 and...