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  1. lobo

    [Sep 13, 2014] Midland Warfare II ($1000 pot bonus) (Lincoln, NE)

    My advice is this...there is already a strong, living memory of a SC cornerstone event. It happened four years after sc4's release. Follow it. Fix it. Perfect it. We have not had a truly definitive SC event before or after it. You are in the perfect position to fill that spot next...
  2. lobo

    anyone else getting sick of Mods?

    We aren't so bad. :(
  3. lobo

    Which international player would you like to see at EVO 2014?

    I got $50 for Lolo or Partisan.
  4. lobo

    Future Tira Master

    welcome! check our XBL matchfinder to find some good competition. there are tons of good players there that can help you with pretty much any character.
  5. lobo

    SC2 HDO Player List

    psn: DOGOBGYN four corners area assassin/ivy/cervy
  6. lobo

    Namco releases another SC2:HDO gameplay video

    good to see some play where they know what they are doing. that 3ak think kinda threw me off as well, though. he was tech crouched, maybe?
  7. lobo

    US Government Shutdown

    damn-i-suck vs catgirl is presently the best thing on 8wr. thank you.
  8. lobo

    - ROCKSTAR GAMES Grand Theft Auto V -

    i spent more time waiting in line for GTA4 than i did actually playing it. GTA5 is good, in a "i have friends over and 10 minutes to kill so let me make them laugh" kind of way. no way in a million years does GTA5 deserve GOTY over The Last of Us.
  9. lobo

    [Sep 21, 2013] Richard "WingZero" Warren Fundraiser Tournament! (East Point, GA)

    i would assume through the beginning of the week. you might ask shinblanka here or on FB.
  10. lobo

    [Sep 21, 2013] Richard "WingZero" Warren Fundraiser Tournament! (East Point, GA)

    Notice is pretty short, but nobody can plan for these things. If you are in the area, please take the time and make it out to this event to benefit the family of one of our late members! "FINAL ROUND LLC and the friends of Richard Warren aka WingZero are proud to host the Richard Warren...
  11. lobo

    Tupakan vs Lion King

    you all are giving way too much of a fuck about this. the media section is for everybody. let the guy post his videos. people like them. get over it.
  12. lobo

    i take it you figured it out?

    i take it you figured it out?
  13. lobo

    [Aug 2, 2013] CutthroatCon 2013 (Denver, CO)

    just sayin...
  14. lobo

    SCV may still need patches...

    injustice hasn't been nearly as bad as MK9 was. mk9 had over 10 patches in like 4 months. they called them "hotfixes" instead of patches because rather than altering any of the game functions or features, they just tinkered with move properties. basically what NRS does is save a ton of money...
  15. lobo

    Injustice: Gods Among Us

    "If you're luckily awake, you can download Injustice for FREE on your XBOX 360, setup a new account and enter Costa Rica as your country instead of USA, find Injustice via the search and download it for...
  16. lobo

    haha no clue. i haven't edited frames on here since before we switched to xenforo. you will...

    haha no clue. i haven't edited frames on here since before we switched to xenforo. you will have to ask one of the more active wiki moderators about that one.