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  1. Spuro

    True stories of 9A+B

    I've only hit people with it when they're pressured from a depleted soul gauge and they're backed up against a wall or the edge of the stage. Doesn't happen often, three times ever for me IIRC.
  2. Spuro

    Soul Calibur 5 Guest/Bonus/CAS Character Discussion

    No more guest characters! The one good thing about SCIII was that there were no guest characters, the most out of place character in that was O Rly Olcadan! Oh by the way they need to bring back that Edgemaster/Charade/ORly type character back into the series. I mean if Tekken can continue to...
  3. Spuro

    Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo

    One thing I liked about this action game is that there seems to be mutiple unique ways of progressing in the game, which is sorely lacking in the genre nowadays. Oh, and it has top notch voiceovers and decent graphics, this game might be interesting.
  4. Spuro

    Do you get thirsty when you sleep?

    I do, bottled water ftw. Needing to go to the loo in the middle of the night because of it is worse.
  5. Spuro

    Fallout 3...

    Is this game worth getting for the PS3? I heard there is no DLC support for the PS3 version whatsoever. I would get the PC version if I didn't have such a shitty computer at the moment....
  6. Spuro

    DragonBall movie

    Film of the year. Easily beats The Dark Knight.
  7. Spuro

    Who's your favorite female in SCIV?

    How is Amy emo?
  8. Spuro

    Who would you want to be the new console character

    Who would you want to be the new console chara Phoenix Wright would be awesome, I could just imagine every time he GIs an attack, he'd also yell with an conspicuous "OBJECTION!" speech bubble
  9. Spuro

    Aesthetics in player choice

    I chose Lizardman since SC3 simply because of the sounds he makes. Oh, and he looks different from everyone else already by default too. Go the Lizard! :sc2liz1:
  10. Spuro

    General Strategy

    The weird A in the 1BA can be done in versus mode as well, tried it against the CPU opponent. As said before, it only happens when you KO your opponent with the B, and then the A would look like a mid slice. I don't think it can be done in training mode since you can't set your opponent to be...
  11. Spuro

    Broken characters in fighting games

    Marvel vs Capcom 2: Sentinel, Storm, Magneto
  12. Spuro

    Worst Move on SC4

    Well if thats the case, my bad. It just goes to show how much I use that move in SCIV...
  13. Spuro

    Worst Move on SC4

    I wish Namco would stop being obsessed with Kilik and making him steal so much of Mina's moveset. Even moves like her 2B+K doesn't have its cancel now. Mina was here first dammit! They should just replace her current 6A+B with her old A+B or 2A+B, at least if it was up to me
  14. Spuro

    Worst Move on SC4

    True, but it still does have its uses. For instance, if the opponent likes to start the round with a predictable and slow to recover move that whiffs against Mina's 9A+B, or someone that just isn't that agile, like some players I've encountered thats gets caught in their own routine of moves...
  15. Spuro

    Who else thought Soul Calibur 3 sucked?

    At least Talim didn't have her insect eyes from SCII though!
  16. Spuro

    If i see one more....(thread)

    Cervantes spammers I don't mind, they're too easy to beat and usually leave you alone if you beat them. No, its not just spammers that I dislike, I played a player match last night against a decent Kilik player, and one that doesn't spam. I was using Mina, and in the end I beat him 5-0...
  17. Spuro

    Strat Guides

    I buy them for the art/posters/anything bonus that looks good only!
  18. Spuro

    Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe (MKvsDCU)

    I think MK Armageddon was pretty much the pinnacle of Mortal Kombat in a 3D environment. I will give this a miss unless it gets exceptional reception!
  19. Spuro

    Most technical character?

    I've always considered Seong Mina to be a bit technical in SCIV simply because she has to maintain a certain amount of space almost at all times to deal decent enough damage and win against a skilled opponent. It also has to be adjusted depending on the opponent that you face when using her...
  20. Spuro

    Yoda and Vadar: Regional / Nationals presents

    Keep them both. Vader is a solid character and Yoda is...well he's Yoda lol. If some people are too pov to buy the one they're missing then that's their own loss, it shouldn't restrict others who actually puts their time into learning either character to play them in a tourney.