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  1. Psykai

    Kai's Kreation Korner

    Decided to make a thread where I post random creations in SCVI. Won't be much for a while until they give us moar CaS parts. I don't have many OCs except the ones I'll be sharing below but I have a couple of ideas for more. Many of my creations will probably end up being recreating old...
  2. Psykai

    Full SC Tournaments?

    To tide me over until SCVI I've been trying to find videos showing full tournaments (several hours long) but there's barely any out there that I can actually find. I'd settle for separate videos too if they're in a playlist in the right order. Even this website doesn't seem to have much (and...
  3. Psykai

    What Has Made you Rage the Most in SC Games?

    Thought I'd try my hand at making a topic (mostly because I'm bored!) We've all been there (unless you have the patience of a Saint...) where something in the game just pisses you off to the point of no return as the red mist descends over your eyes and your body trembles with rage... My...