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  1. RedDjinn

    Online Tournaments

    I can host them, record, run brackets, and run a live stream... Who's in?? XBL or PSN doesnt matter... Id like to do at least 32 people... 4 pools of 8 ran throughout the week, (you pick whatever day to compete that works best with your schedule) with top 2 from each pool moving on to top 8...
  2. RedDjinn

    Team Yosh Stream

    I dont know if this is the correct spot for this or not but its all about Yoshimitsu so here we go... I have the ability to stream and record matches, Today after work I will have time and will probably be on all night streaming... So this thread is for people that play Yoshimitsu to post up...
  3. RedDjinn

    New Yoshi Moves

    Can someone link me to the inputs for the new commands like GI, critical edges, brave edges, guard crush moves, blah blah blah for SCV? Also any news of the inputs for any of Yoshi's moves? Id like to know a little of this before NEC so I can at least know the inputs for the CE's or BE's if...
  4. RedDjinn

    Gears of War 3

    Will anyone from here be playing the multi-player beta when it comes out this month? I will be.... Gonna be pretty tight to play the beta and send in feedback to help shape the game.
  5. RedDjinn

    RedDjinn Can Record Now. Yay.
  6. RedDjinn

    Yoshi Online Sparring Hotness YOSH

    Well I'm back, I'm rusty and Looking for sparring partners, Hajime you pwnd my ass last time haha I felt scrubby cause I was only doing like 9 different set - ups. Basicly this thread is an online sparring partner REQUEST. If you would like to get in some matches or would like to post your...
  7. RedDjinn

    Anyone know any SC1 combos ?

    If you do post them up... I like to play it every now and again, only I forgot some things with some of the characters... Ha they are all usually pretty easy so I just make them up as I go... but I'm sure people know some that arent going to be found unless known beforehand... So post them up!
  8. RedDjinn

    Drunken Stance Study

    Well everyone knows about the drunken stance... So I'm going to do a study to see every top 10 moves with every character to see if the drunken stance will show me how to evade them... I think this really needs to be looked into... it shows you someway to get out of almost any situation with...
  9. RedDjinn

    [Tennessee] Obligatory Title

    [Nashville, TN] Where my Hillbillys at? Anyone play in the tennessee area ? nashville? memphis? chattown ? jackson? Lemme know ;) I'm tired of online and need to get some "Real Time, Play Time" in.