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  1. Nightstar_Ace

    Kratos vs. SC IV...

    Hey guys! I'm curious to hear what others say. If Kratos would be released on SC IV, how do you think Kratos would match up agaisnt the likes of Yoda, Vader, and Apprentice (let's say a top notch player of Kratos vs. a top notch player of Yoda/Vader/Apprentice)
  2. Nightstar_Ace

    Yoda vs SC Broken Destiny?

    I'm curious, especially with a lot of the smart players with frame data and such on here, what do you think Yoda's match up would be against SC's newest entrants, Kratos and Dampierre? Now just my opinion (although basic in description for me here), I think Yoda's in big trouble against...
  3. Nightstar_Ace

    Amy Match-up rankings

    I don't know if there's one yet for Amy, but I'm following along with Jaxel's call for ratings on match-ups for each character: So let's see what you guys can come up with (0=No match-up advantage; 10=total match-up advantage) # -...
  4. Nightstar_Ace

    Two Questions about Moves

    First off, how to you get more attacks in when you do Yoda's 28B+G grab, or am I imagining things. Secondly, how quickly do you time the A+B button right after doing Yoda's Force GI?
  5. Nightstar_Ace

    Yoda's Force Counter Attack?

    I saw this in one video on youtube and I don't know how to do it. It had Yoda use the force to block and attack, push the opponent back, lift him in the air and slam him down. What are the button combinations for that attack?
  6. Nightstar_Ace

    Who's the best?

    Just out of curiosity who's the best Yoda player you've come across, faced, or say they're the best.
  7. Nightstar_Ace

    Kilik vs Kilik

    I'm both an Amy player and a Kilik player so I visit both forums a lot. I have a question though. If I were facing another Kilik player (one who actually knows what they're doing and don't spam), how do you beat them? I mean, what moves are punishable and what would be the best moves to use as...