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  1. Mavericks42O

    Favorite Current Athlete???

    So I'm a huge sports fan and was curious as too who's your favorite athlete's too watch. Doesn't matter the sport as long as their a current athlete. 1. Dirk Novitzki- Unstoppable jump shot and unselfish 2. Manny Pacquiao- Bad Mofo Nuff said 3. Roger Federer- Class act and Graceful 4. Fedor...
  2. Mavericks42O

    Kilik: Sc5 Wishlist

    Time to get our wishlist together for SC5. What needs changing, what doesn't? What do you wanna see added/taken away? I personally would like to see a nice fast mid move added to his list. Maybe a couple more JF's would be nice. Thoughts???
  3. Mavericks42O

    Pacquiao vs Mayweather???

    if this fight happens who you got and why!! If Mayweather ever quits ducking Pacman and finally fights him i got Pacman by KO in the middle rounds. Pacman is just as fast as Mayweather but has alot more power. Mayweather has been ducking this fight to keep his perfect record in place. He keeps...
  4. Mavericks42O

    World Series-Texas vs San Fran

    Ok so the World Series is set with Texas vs San Francisco. Any predictions on the outcome of this? Of course i'm taking Texas :D Any baseball fans out there???
  5. Mavericks42O


    As a kid growing up i always knew something was different between me and my brothers. When i became a teenager i was sat down and explained to that i was adopted when i was 3 years old. Apparently my real mother was 15 when she had me and wasnt up to taking care of me so she adopted me out. I...
  6. Mavericks42O

    Tech Traps

    So who do you think has the strongest tech traps in the game? i'm thinking Mitsurugi has some very strong Tech Traps. People seem to want to tech right up in fear of his 1a.
  7. Mavericks42O

    Careful who you let in your house!!!

    So i met this dude Chris that lives in the apartment right above me about 8 months ago. We start hanging out playing games and smoking weed. I get him into playing SC since i have no other ppl to play with offline. He comes down to my place everyday to play games and smoke since i have the...
  8. Mavericks42O

    Untapped Potential

    So outta all the characters in SC who do you feel has the most Untapped Potential? For me i feel its Sophitia as i don't think i've seen anyone truly master her AS and TAS sidesteps and cancels. It's some very tricky shit to deal with especially with the damage that comes with making 1 bad...