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  1. Angrel-San

    SC6 Tier list for Season 2

  2. Angrel-San

    Amy Patch wishlist

    I think Amy is extremely solid but IMO she does need a little buff. More damage across the board in most of her moves. She is the character that deals the worst damage in Base (non roses) and in this game which is high damage overall, it can create problems for Amy unnecessarily. A few more...
  3. Angrel-San

    Groh Media Thread

    For tournament matches and overall video footage for Groh.
  4. Angrel-San

    Amy Media Thread

    For tournament matches, matchup footages and videos.
  5. Angrel-San

    Will Setsuka return in the next sequel?

    What do you think? Yes? No?
  6. Angrel-San

    Any news or possibilites on BD release...

    Since God of War 3 is supposed to come in March, will Broken Destiny may be used as a tool of marketing like Starkiller was for The Force Unleashed? Does any of the head honchos here have some info that could share? This could mean a slim chance for a BD port to boost GOW3 sales as well and...
  7. Angrel-San

    The Claymore thread

    My favorite manga series of all. Highly recommended to check it out. I think this series may set well with many of the hardcore SC fans with it's setting. Yagi Norihiro is a God tier author. Here is the latest chapter for this epic series.
  8. Angrel-San

    Rock's Broken Destiny Soul Crush Info

    15 or less: 8-A+B+K 9-BB (breaks on 2nd hit) , 44BB (breaks on the 1st hit) 10-1BB (breaks on 2nd hit) , 22B 12-WRB, 6A+B/6 [A+B] (breaks on 1st hit) , 11[B] , 22/88 A+B 13-JF PT-(last hit of PT) , A+B 14-66AB (breaks on the 1st hit) 15-PT-(last hit of PT) Damn, Namco...
  9. Angrel-San

    Setsuka Broken Destiny Soul Crush Info

    15 hits or less: 10-agB, (can someone verify the JF version? ) , BT B+KB JF (2nd hit) , 22BB (breaks on the 1st hit) 12-Umbrella, (can someone test the JF one? ) , A+B+K, 66BA (breaks on the 2nd hit) , 44KB (breaks on the 2nd hit) , 44B+K 13-44BA (breaks on the 1st hit) 15-bA...
  10. Angrel-San

    Mina Broken Destiny Soul Crush Info

    Hope you don't mind Khent but this is very important stuff and it's easier to check for it on a place dedicated to it only. AAB - 12 (same) 3A (Tip) - 20 (same) 1A (Tip) - 15 (was 16) WR AA - 19 (was 20+) BBB - 9 (was 7, still unsafe) B4B - 17 (was 12) 6BA - 10 (was 11) 6BB - 7 (same...
  11. Angrel-San

    Algol Broken Destiny Soul Crush Info

    I'm not gonna do the whole movelist for the characters like in 1.01 and 1.03. Only from 15 or less. Algol Soul Crush Data: 8-3BB 9-312ABK (breaks on the 2nd hit of the string) , 6BBB (breaks in the 1st hit) 10-2B+K, 66B+K 11-6AAB (breaks on the last hit) 12-A+B+K 13-312AB...
  12. Angrel-San

    Algol Broken Destiny Changes

    It's been 6 days since BD arrived in Asia and there isn't any info posted yet. Any info to hold us Algol players over would be appreciated!!!
  13. Angrel-San

    Setsuka Broken Destiny Changes

    Broken Destiny is here. Here are the Setsuka changes so far: 1)DAMAGE CHANGES IN COMPARISON TO 1.03: A - 10 Same AA - 20 same agB - 40 (original 30) aB - 26 same 6A - 16 same 6AA - 36 (original 38) 3A - 20 same 2A - 10 same 1A - 14 same 1AA - 28 (original 30) 1A:A - 28...
  14. Angrel-San

    The future of Algol, Hilde and Star Wars

    Now that the summer season is over, what are the conclusions for these characters? Is Algol gonna be unbanned now, is Hilde gonna be banned? What about Star Wars? Now that BD is approaching and Algol is still there as a playable and Star Wars are gone, how is this gonna be approached...
  15. Angrel-San

    Setsuka B+K Safety

    As title says. Algol-FCA (range dependent) Amy-FCA (range dependent), 6BB, WRB (range dependent) Astaroth-6A (range dependent) Cassandra-236B Cervantes-6K (range dependent) Vader-Safe Hilde-FCA (range dependent) Ivy-Sword FCA (range dependent), Sword 6B (range dependent)...
  16. Angrel-San

    The Story Thread

    This thread is to talk about your opinions and overall talk about the Soul Edge/Calibur storyline and your feelings about it? To start things off, some questions: Since SC4 may probably be the last game featuring Siegfried and Nightmare in their roster, who do you think will make the new...
  17. Angrel-San

    The Movie Thread

    Haven't seen one yet. Go check Quantum of Solace today. It's James Bond's first direct sequel to a movie and it was good. Also, make sure to check out 7 Pounds this Christmas season.
  18. Angrel-San

    Setsuka Low Safety

    I'm making this thread to see the various situations and how low pushblock helps Setsuka. Should I put 2A+B corner safety in particular? Yoda: 2A+B-AA, FCA, 6B, 1B, 4B 2K-Safe FCK-Safe 11A-FCA, 1B 11K-FCA, 1A, 1B 1A-AA, 6A, 3A, 2A, FCA, 4A, BB, 6B, 3BB, 2B, FCB, 1B, 4B...
  19. Angrel-San

    Recovery for JF spin series

    How is the correct way of doing the recovery for every JF spin series? All I know is that holding the 4 or 1 doesn't make a difference since I have holded the whole series and it comes out or just entering the input and just pressing the button correctly. Any tips?
  20. Angrel-San

    Vader's RO game.

    A thread to discuss his RO options. Let's start. G+A RO's back. 4A+B (grounded) 6A+B RO's back. 44B+K > 8wr A+B is pretty good for front RO.