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  1. victorstk

    Raphael RE bug

    i'm not a raphael player but i found this bug hopefully everyone should start abusing this until they fix it so as you can see here raphael can reset his RE after the opponent do a complete 180º this is making it a pain to deal with since raphael's RE has tracking and i can't just do a single...
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  3. victorstk

    Natsu is not good anymore?

    is it me or natsu is terribly bad after the patchs? none of the natsus at evo got too far *CE misses almost everytime and players are starting to air control out of it *PO hover B is easily stepped and players are getting used to hitting natsu during the air transition with any B attack...
  4. victorstk

    Soul Calibur V Breast Chart !

    dunno why but seeing this image makes me want a "Soul Calibur Generations" with all of the cast from soul calibur 4 and 5! also natsu is taller than taki wtf...
  5. victorstk

    Missing character discussion

    This is now the official thread for discussing the characters who were not included in SC5. This includes canon soul series veterans, as well as guest and bonus characters taki where are you ;-; i really know how cassandra felt when looking for sophitia now =/