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  1. Atom45

    OC Wallpapers

    This is my first try at this so please be kind to me. On the Left Atom Hikaro, Eight his wife Angel, And center their Daughter Tiffany There is also a son Jason but I didn't want to focus on him at this moment.
  2. Atom45

    Atom Hikaro Creation (SC 6 Edition)

    I finally got SC6 today so Yay.. I'm going to start out with my OC that is basically made after me Atom Hikaro .
  3. Atom45

    Atom Hikaro Creations Reloaded

    Since my Photobucket went kinda Derpy and Deleted everything I am starting a new thread. So here we go! This is based off my friend so she has no name. Next up, we have Pyrrah in what I like to call Night Out Dress. This is Ami before she was Malfested. Ill have to remake the after image...
  4. Atom45

    Atom Hikaro's Creations

    I'll Start with my most popular character Tiffany Hikaro Saria from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time This is my Character from Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Princess Kairi Septim Next we have Sir Goroney the Seeker a Knight under the command of the Hero King before he was killed in combat, He...