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  1. Mandy

    Why I'm disappointed in SCIIHD already.

    I know I've been absent from the community for quite a while (took hiatus to SMNC, Injustice, and then Smite). However, I'm deeply upset with the announcement of SCIIHD for a number of reasons. 1) Graphics - Although they're slated as "HD" it looks like all they have done is bump up the...
  2. Mandy

    Guild Wars 2

    I realize I haven't touched SCV in a while. Part of that is due to me playing GW2 so much. Anyone else playing?
  3. Mandy

    All character match-up spreadsheet.

    Please read everything before posting. Something I've been working on all night. Trying to make a somewhat accurate match-up chart. How does the match-up chart work? All match-ups are taken from a best of 10 format. In the chart each character is ranked against another character for...
  4. Mandy

    Soul Calibur Trolling Tier List

    S-tier: Voldo - so many humping moves Dampierre - natural born troll A-tier: Yoshi - pogo stick floor humping and sepuku moves
  5. Mandy

    When did you realize you were 'good'?

    Just curious about some of our star players. Just to set some guidelines: 1) Please, no flaming/baiting anyone. 2) Please refrain from commenting if you lack any true/significant tournament experience; I'm not directing this towards online warriors, despite the fact that many tournament...
  6. Mandy

    Working on custom Hori SCV stick vinyls.

    I might expand onto making this for fellow 8WR'ers; however, I'm first attempting to make one for myself. I tried finding some original (and largely scaled) Siegfried artwork for his SCV likeness, but I couldn't find anything, so I had to work with his generic picture. I would love some original...
  7. Mandy

    Hori SCV stick template.

    Anyone have one on hand? There used to be one at tek-innovations; however, the link appears to be dead and I can't download it. If someone could provide it I would be very grateful, as I'm needing it for a stick I'm modding.
  8. Mandy

    SCH K BE discussion - Options after launcher.

    So I was pondering for a while why I couldn't land agA after SCH K BE, and I realized it has more to do than the buffer window. For this example we're using 3(B), SCH K BE, X as the combo. Depeding on how fast you do SCH K BE after the combo you can get different things to connect. If you...
  9. Mandy

    Wait, what did they say?

    This is the thread to confirm what line you think certain characters are saying. Whether it be Alpha Patroklos' moonspeak, or Raphael's shouts for Amy. So does anyone know what Sieg is saying after 66K BE? Sounds like "laheim" moonspeak or english?
  10. Mandy

    How does combo scaling work?

    Is there a formula to it or what? I searched for a thread in regards to it, but couldn't find anything.
  11. Mandy

    Hori SCV stick cheapy cheapy at Newegg Just $89 + free shipping. Thought I'd put this up for anyone who has been holding out on getting one.
  12. Mandy

    SELLING Soul Calibur Animated Avatars.

    Here's the deal, I want a Premium Membership for 8WR. I also happen to have a bunch of nifty software in which I can create high quality GIF animations. So, what I'm doing is selling animated avatars of your choice of Soul Calibur animations for just $2 a piece, and the proceeds will be going to...
  13. Mandy

    Hori SCV stick VS. MadCatz SCV stick.

    I know this will ultimately come down to preference, but I'm not asking for anyone to choose one for me or anyone else. Simply what do you like/dislike about the stick. The Amazon reviews are a bit sparing. Just in case you weren't watching the SCV World Championships last night, Hori and...
  14. Mandy

    Horribly bad with one character, amazingly good with another?

    Just wondering if anyone has any success stories from swapping mains? I'm still mourning the loss of Sophitia and trying to make it work with Pyrrha, but I'm just not feeling it. Been desiring a character with some more range, but I'm not sure if I'm just making a mental roadblock for myself, or...
  15. Mandy

    Pyrrha vs. Ivy/Sieg/Mitsu

    Probably due more to me being terrible than anything. Ivy: How do you deal with the ranging and mix-ups? Sieg: See above. Mitsu: It feels like his range is just Pyrrha+. Sure he doesn't punish nearly as well, but all of his pokes feel just as good as mine, and his launchers and mix-ups all...
  16. Mandy

    Who will be the breakout character in SCV?

    I know everyone has been doing their preliminary tier lists, but as always there seems to be a breakout character that seems to pop out of nowhere to succeed on the tournament level despite being written off as "mid-tier". After having played the game for quite a while, and watching quite a bit...
  17. Mandy

    When to start playing with another character?

    I searched this; I apologize if I used the wrong terms in the search bar. Since SCV was in development and I heard that Sophitia would be no more, I really didn't stress when I learned Pyrrha was going to be in the game. But after playing for a while, not only do I not like her personality, I...
  18. Mandy

    Pyrrha Ω Match-ups

    Whenever I play one, no matter how good or bad they are they feel the same. I feel PO suffers a bit due to Mitsu's range being just a tad longer. Side stepping his B,B and punishing or blocking it and countering seems to be working well, also ducking his A,A and punishing with B+K seems good...
  19. Mandy

    Where are you buying SCV from?

    I put $5 down at GameStop, but I decided to get it at Target tomorrow instead. GameStop - Ivy Bobble Head Best Buy -Dampiere Amazon - $10 Credit Target - $20 Gift Card