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  1. Icy Black Deep

    JDOME #14 - The Soul Still Burns

    I'm gonna hold you to this. (So . . . continuation rule or no continuation rule?)
  2. Icy Black Deep

    [Central NJ] Home of The Fat Bitch

    I don't care what anyone says, I still like forums.
  3. Icy Black Deep

    Shitty Restaurant Moments!

    Chipotle is more burrito-centric and a little bit spicier (if you don't start adding hot sauce). Moe's and Desert Moon are basically the same thing. I voiced that opinion at work once and a coworker defensively replied "Moe's has queso!" So I guess there's that.
  4. Icy Black Deep

    SimCity (2013)

    I had a vague recollection that it had been announced that all future SimCity games would have a social element, which was a bad sign. The news today is also bad. And it apparently requires Origin. So despite fond memories of SimCity 2000, I'm going to go with "no way" on this one.