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    Yoshi Gameplay Videos

    I'm not quite sure what happened there. I'm guessing that Nightmare whiffed allowing me to CE as normal, but I thought the hitbox on that attack would have gotten me regardless. In either case, definitely one for the Homo Genius books.
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    Yoshi match openers?

    I haven't been able to test 4B+K after block (end of semester college will do wonders for your schedule), but I think you might be right JT. I have a bit of free time here in a little bit, so I'll check then. I've also tried a+bK as an opener, mostly to give myself some room. I'm thinking...
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    Yoshi match openers?

    I meant you could interrupt the 66 with 4B+K (i.e. 664B+K) and cancel into it before finishing with B+K normally. As for TS, it seems (for me at least) as if the game prevents you from going past the initial Spinning Evade. That being said, I'm not sure about the frame data for running, but I...
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    Yoshi match openers?

    For clarification, I was referring to the opponent crouching and attacking low simultaneously. UPDATE: You can actually do 4B+K to interrupt the run. However, I can only seem to do the initial 4B+K, and not 4B+KBBBBB. Either way, it's another escape to add to the arsenal.
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    Yoshi match openers?

    Not at all! If you ask me the weakest part of the opener I suggested would be the 66B+K part. A simple B attack can easily knock you out of it, which is what you suggested. That's why the next time I get a chance to practice it, I'm going to see if I can interrupt the run with 4B+K. It should...
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    Unlisted Yoshi Moves

    Not so much unlisted, as A+B ~ K is in the move list, but what it doesn't mention is that you can do a+bK. This skips most (if not all) of the Bad Stomach/Breath animation and goes directly into the back flip. It's a little slow to execute, so I wouldn't use it as a reaction. More of an escape...
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    Yoshi match openers?

    (6)B+K ~ A+B ~ K K is optional, and fires off Kangaroo Kick. This works best at the start of the match. Running B+K helps cover distance, and A+B is your escape if the initial hit is block (it's quick and puts good distance behind you). Otherwise, A+B lands more damage and can easily push the...
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    What’s your Yoshi control scheme?

    L1: A+B L2: B+G R1: B+K R2: A+B+K This makes stances so much easier, as well as pretty much most of Yoshi's moves. Also makes bouncing around in flea stance (as well as digger spirit) more consistent.