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  1. Ashen

    Kindle unlimited transformers quistion

    I was on my Kindle yesterday and being a transformers fan was delighted to find the,idw collection for the kindle unlimited subscription. Try’s looking again today. Can’t find them Dorsey anyone know if it was a limited thing or if anyone,know how to find them I even found the gen 2 stuff as...
  2. Ashen

    Muscular my hero academia vs treamor mk x

    Hope you enjoy it the channel is mine (not advitising just saying ). So not stealing or anyth8ng. Will post more vids oh it’s cpu vs cpu. Enjoy 😀
  3. Ashen

    Acarina. Hearts= jojo bizare adventures ??????

    Just reading some of the profiles. Of the hart characters. And it reminded me of the jojo stands anyone else’s. See this or just me
  4. Ashen

    Found a great website for ref pics

    This is a great site for ref pics hope helps everyone 😍
  5. Ashen

    Ashen scabs collage.

    hi guys this is just a test to see how it this looks hope you enjoy it if wrriting is too small the cas are joseph jostar ( jojo bizzare adventures tremor ( mk 11 my own take on him ) move set. Voldo. I wanted to. Give him something. To ref his fatality from mk x. Also Voldo...
  6. Ashen

    Nice to be here 😊

    Hi guys thanks for having me here. Hope we can all get along. And stuff