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    My Customs and CAS

    Hi there, here are a couple of my customs and CAS (some original and some modeled after characters)
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    What Language Do you Play in? [ENG] or [JP]

    I actually got used to the English voices....I don´t know, but I´m probably the only one that doesnt mind "Just kidding"....(and I like to spam it sometimes after the battle :P). And I love Amy´s "You wanna fight? Fine with me."
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    Most awesome/WTF/hilarious SC moments in your life

    Most awesome/WTF/hilarious SC moments in your Haha, happened to me just today, on ranked I played a nice Maxi, I played as Amy, and I was very low on health, he had a full bar, it was on the ship stage, I wanted to attack him somehow, but managed to 4A+B (I think?) and ringed him out of the...
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    Best CAS you have made/seen/fought

    Does that mean diversity is bad?
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    Or, How I Learned to Love Tira's English VA

    Holy shit her VA is J.Hale?? What the hell...I´d have never guessed... But I like her voice. I think it´s the only high-pitched voice in the game that is OK.
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    Tira Fanart

    Well maybe you can try to upload it on any of the free image hosting sites and post the [img] file....
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    My art thread/gallery

    ^Perhaps start a new thread...?
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    My art thread/gallery

    Huh, I always thought Setsuka has one of the best bodies in SC. And that the picture lady is has too big proportions. Funny how the beauty is in the eye of beholder. But thnx for comments, lol.
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    My art thread/gallery

    quick attempt @ Tira
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    Hottest Character

    Setsuka. I loved her appearance in SCIII. The blonde hair she has now is hideous, but once you tone her down a bit....she´s really great. And I also don´ understand the fascination with Ivy....other than her obvious assets...the
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    More Star Wars characters as DLC?

    Oh God please no more SW stuff....*pokes eyes out*
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    Why did you choose this character 2B your main?

    Why did you choose this character 2B your main I´ve been always a Talim fan. Her story kinda sucked in SCIV, but her style got better. And I love that fighting style. Really fun and effective when you learn her (although I still haven´t done that). And, uh , not really, I don´t pick...
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    Why is Mina considered low-tier?

    Yeah well, I just asked why she is considered not as good as the rest. I just wanted to hear like bad soul gage, slow, not great combos, etc....which was said. The rest of post...well, thanks for input, I guess.
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    Why is Mina considered low-tier?

    Now now, I don´t really bother with tiers, but everyone else here sems to be (hence the almost quadrillion topics about them) and because I don´t quite understand the classification of high/low tiering, I was just wondering why people put Mina on the lower side. Because yeah, and I agree 100%...
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    Why is Mina considered low-tier?

    Seriously, why? Maybe it was just my luck but (and I don´t even play with her that much) I usually manage to beat people with her. She has a good range, is pretty quick and her attacks are quite strong. Or not?
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    Type your username into google... Now I see....hmmm maybe they´ll give me discount?
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    New Character Ideas

    Actually those are some nice ideas, TC. A lot better then the "what am I doing here" bonus characters we get.....
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    My art thread/gallery

    Shura in flower mode....not a good idea :/
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    My art thread/gallery

    Melting Amy....
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    How tall are you?

    According to one convert site I found, I´m 5.25 feet tall (or rather short). It´s been almost 6 years since my height stopped increasing...:(