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  1. Futabot

    CES SCVI Thread

    Movement The biggest change to the game is 8WR. It is much faster than it was in SC2. 8WR now has a burst of speed at the the start and can be guard canceled similarly to how wave-dashes work. (This is how it works in SC1 after firing it up again.) You can buffer 8WR directions while performing...
  2. Futabot

    What makes your favorite Soul Calibur fun for you?

    In general, what makes you want to play this game over other fighting games? I actually don't know why I like it so much. For me, this game is so deeply ingrained in nostalgia that I just unconditionally like how it plays.
  3. Futabot

    The SB,IG SCV Thread [Spoilers abundant]

    Before I start, this is required reading. You need to know this trope. Otherwise nothing will make sense and you will think that you need to correct people in this thread. Now, I understand the distinction between So Bad, It's Good and So Bad, It's Horrible. This game's story and collective...
  4. Futabot

    Futabot's Crap You Should Look At.

    So, that PS3 screen cap function is bossmode. No pretentious stuff here. Just bad CaSes await your consumption.
  5. Futabot

    Futabot's Corner Trap (Assorted fanart/Pseudocomic)

    This space is reserved for me blathering and drawing. True story.