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  1. ZOo00OOm

    Soul Calibur V is bad and here's why...

    First things first, all my waif- I mean, all my favorite characters are all missing! Seriously, where is Talim, Xianghua, Talim, Mina, Taki, Talim, Cassandra, Talim, that black guy, the old dude with the rhino on his head and most importantly, WHERE IS TALIM!? I think I'm the minority here but...
  2. ZOo00OOm

    Which male in your opinion looks the toughest in their defeated pose?

    I'd like your opinion so I can write my shitty fantasy novels where all the female characters spend half the time in defeated poses while I describe how they look in a creepy way and jerk it at the same time. :)
  3. ZOo00OOm

    Characters Should Have The Option To Speak In Their Native Language

    ^ TTT2 has it (kinda sorta) so I think it would be really cool if SC had the same option. It would be neat to hear Kilik or Xianghua speak Chinese, Talim go on about windy shit but all in Filipino or hear Astaroth roar in Arabic. It would be incredibly sexy to also hear a French Raph or Spanish...
  4. ZOo00OOm

    2001: An Anime Odyssey

    Everybody needs to watch this, it is the most influential documentary of our times here on Earth and I believe we can all learn something from the information it contains.
  5. ZOo00OOm

    Why did you choose your character?

    When I first started the Calibur series in general, I've always had an interest in Voldo but I didn't know the proper way to play him. When SCV came out, I picked Viola because I didn't know any better. After a month of frustration, I saw some of Enk's Voldo vids and thats when I decided to make...
  6. ZOo00OOm

    Player Analysis: WarioGamer

    Hi, Zoom here. In this thread, I will talk about the tendencies, habits and overall mindset of the some of the most infamous Soul Calibur V players on the Xbox 360. What better way to start off such a thread with the legendary and notorious... WarioGamer Yes... This guy. A...
  7. ZOo00OOm

    Made up titles.

    I was bored so I decided to make up a whole bunch of titles for different characters. What the heck are titles? They are those little quotes you set on your fight card thingie. Anyway... Voldo More Flexible Than I Look Deadly Elbows Razor Edge Freakshow Not Too Old To Fight Algol The OG...
  8. ZOo00OOm

    A fantastic read

    Came across this on on another game's forum in response to someone's rant about the game. Some of you may have already read it, I just found and read it for the first time and really enjoyed it. Do not be alarmed the article is only 1/4 of the scroll length and the rest is comments. This is a...
  9. ZOo00OOm

    PS4 Discussion

    For reference. :D
  10. ZOo00OOm

    Xbox One Discussion

    Who else watched the stream? It looks like a DVD player. A fat DVD player. Also, "Xbox One"? Is that seriously the best name that they came up with? The actual event wasn't that special. They ended up talking about sports for half an hour before ending on Call Of Duty: Ghosts, getting us...
  11. ZOo00OOm

    Does anyone else find the Angry Joe review funny?

    For the most part, I don't hate on AJ nor do I actually like most of his stuff (in a way he's a milder Nostalgia Critic, which is a good thing). But I decided to rewatch this review and I found it very funny. It wasn't because of the dumb skits but the actual gameplay. Especially the laggy...
  12. ZOo00OOm

    I'm in a bit of a jam

    I'm with a girl who's really great, but she has a big problem - she is sexually aroused by torturing animals. Every few weeks she brings home a stray cat from the shelter which she manages and kills it in some brutal fashion. She knows what she does is wrong, but think it's acceptable because...
  13. ZOo00OOm

    For the fellas

  14. ZOo00OOm

    What the heck happened to Ranked?

    A month ago, the ranked playlist used to be full of players. But now, it's barren and devoid of competition. What happened? Did all the players move on to player matches and Black Ops II?
  15. ZOo00OOm

    SoulCalibur 5: The Genderswapped Edition

    Would it make the game funnier? A bit. Would it make the game creeper? Yes... a lot. Would it make the game interesting? Hell yeah. I could picture Pat and Pyrrah looking exactly the same. Asta would be the large Frankenstein version of She-Hulk while Voldo would be completely :(.
  16. ZOo00OOm

    Voldo - SoulCalibur VI wishlist

    What would you like to see from Voldo in the next SC? Personally I'd like for Voldo to be able to still apply pressure while in BS. A simple A,A and B,B would suffice. Also, I'd like to see the return of some of his older moves such as MC A+K and A+B from SoulCalibur IV (maybe A+B could be a...
  17. ZOo00OOm

    Hear me out...

    How about instead of having user-hosted lobbies, you have dedicated lobbies (geddit?). That way, you don't get people who kick you because you sneezed funny and you don't get people who use lobbies to abuse lower rank players. Is that possible? Pro'lly not. Would that be neat? Yea'.
  18. ZOo00OOm

    vs Ivy matchup

    Does anyone have any tips or advice for fighting against a good Ivy? I swear it seems she can counter everything.
  19. ZOo00OOm

    Looking to trade

    WTT: Car with minor upside-down damage. Want to trade for car with no upside-down damage. May consider partial trade plus cash for mini-bike, golf cart, guns, tennis lessons, rare coins or clean urine. Let me know what ya got.
  20. ZOo00OOm

    Which game did you think was cool at the time...

    but now it's not so good? For me, Holy crap, this game seemed so good at the time. Playing it now, good god is it slow and clunky.