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  1. Di_PL

    Interview Time! Episode 9: 8WayRunners vs. Evo

    In your previous interview some of you asked for new questions. I believe right before Evo is the best moment to let you know us how are you going one of the biggest weekend for all FGCs. Whether you are going or not, participate or not - let's get ready to Evo! Click here to jump to this week's...
  2. Di_PL

    Interview Time! Episode 8: Enkindu

    There are some names in our community that come to your mind when you see a particular character. You see Nightmare, you think of Keev. You see Mitsurugi, you think of Belial. You see Leixia/Xiangha, you think of Kayane. You see Voldo, you think of this week's guest. Interview Time! Episode 8...
  3. Di_PL

    Interview Time! Episode 7: RTD

    Interview Time! is back after a short break. Since we are after recent MLG and CEO events, as well as two weeks before Evo, this week's guest had to be someone big. You have already read the title and you know whom have I interviewed. Rob The Destroyer has been around for over 10 years and has...
  4. Di_PL

    Interview Time! Episode 6: 8WayRunners

    Some time ago, when Polish football team coach was looking for players for the national team for Euro 2012 he said he would try everyone. Yes, everyone. Obviously, he didn't. It was no suprise, however, that was quite an interesting idea. Now how about I decided to interview you? Yes - you...
  5. Di_PL

    Interview Time! Episode 5: Belial

    The 5th episode of the Interview Time! is very special for me. That's actually not because Belial is one of the biggest name in our community. That's because back in 2006 he showed me how far from Europe my country is when it comes to Soulcalibur. Belial is a man thanks to whom I started...
  6. Di_PL

    Interview Time! Episode 4: Hyrul

    If you happen to have the official SOULCALIBUR V strategy guide, you might've thought about who was behind it, working hard on the frames, damage and other technical stuff. There were actually several well-known players, including the European SC Impact winner, Hyrul. This week we'll go a...
  7. Di_PL

    Interview Time! Episode 3: Ring

    This week's Interview Time! introduces you to one of the most well-known Ivy player. Ring talks about his SC background (as well as the Polish community), SCV Ivy, the whining SC community and his secret techniques when playing on a PlayStation pad. If you read this interview, you will die in 7...
  8. Di_PL

    Interview Time! Episode 2: Trace_AFJ

    Interview Time! is back. This week's special guest is a dedicated Viola player. Yes - even though SOULCALIBUR V is quite new and 1.02 began the Viola bandwagon, there are players who picked her up earlier. One of these players is a former SCIV Setsuka player, Trace_AFJ from Spain. Jump to the...
  9. Di_PL

    Interview Time! Episode 1: Hawkeye

    We are living in a world of information chaos. Its source is the Internet - this is where rumours are made, this is where people are whining because their character has been nerfed or because Mitsu is overpowered. Among people covered in this chaos, however, there are players who are thinking...
  10. Di_PL

    [Jun 29, 2012] SCV Tournament in Poland (Camping Laguna)

    Hi all, Polish first summer holiday 2012 tournament will be taking place on a camping ground, with a possibility to sleep either in a house or a tent (the decision is up to you). You can check some pictures here: If you need to know anything, please let...
  11. Di_PL

    Polish SoulCalibur Impact vids

    Yesterday we had Polish SC Impact preliminaries. 59 players participated in the tournament. Results: (nice variety of characters!) 1. Ring (Ivy) 2. Matt-JF (Pyrrha Omega) 3. Swayman (Patroklos, Natsu) 4. Devil (Algol) 5/6. Vince (Viola), Bolgan (Voldo) 7/8. Soul (Raphael), Aragh (Viola) The...
  12. Di_PL

    [Feb 25, 2012] Polish SoulCalibur Impact 2012 preliminaries (Warsaw, Poland)

    Cenega and Namco Bandai Games are proud to announce the first official Polish SoulCalibur V Championship! This unique event will take place in Warsaw on Saturday February25th in Lucid Club situated in Blue City shopping mall from 11:00 to 19:00. We would like to encourage everybody to...
  13. Di_PL

    Leixia's Top 10 Moves

    So what's your top 10? Mine for now is, in no particular order: - (i)WR B BE - no comments needed - 33_99B,B - nice damage, little punishable (-13 but has a huge pushback), good for okizeme, nice range - 3B - (i)FC 3B - 2K - because it avoids mids sometimes - WR A+B - at the moment it's my...
  14. Di_PL

    Live stream - equipment

    I'd like to ask people who are doing live streams from the tournament to post what equipment are they using (camcorder, TV card, PC/notebook etc.). Hope you'll post and help me to start making live streams of Polish events regularly.
  15. Di_PL

    Leixia Pre-Release Videos & Discussion

    Leixia video discussion - let's post and talk about videos before the release. Leixia vs. Viola (probably the first gameplay footage of Leixia): Kayane plays Leixia Soul Calibur V at Paris Games Week: Leixia vs. Z.W.E.I. (from the Live Event stream): Leixia (me playing her) vs. Viola at...
  16. Di_PL

    Leixia Forum Directory - READ HERE FIRST

    Welcome to Leixia's Soul Arena at 8WayRun.Com, the best place for SoulCalibur V strats, videos and more! If you want to talk about the storyline, you will be more than welcome in our storyline section. Here, however, please concentrate on discussions regarding Leixia's gameplay, strategies...
  17. Di_PL

    Leixia Q&A/General Strategy Thread

    General Leixia discussion about frames, strats etc. Any questions regarding gameplay are welcome. If you want to post combos, please pay this thread a visit.
  18. Di_PL

    Leixia Combo Discussion

    Let's post and talk about Leixia's combos! Combos contributed by the community will be posted in the Leixia Combos Thread and players will be contributed at the end of the post.
  19. Di_PL

    Lizardmen - where are you?!

    To put it short: How many Lizardman players are out there?
  20. Di_PL

    New Video: Soul Calibur 3 - The Untold Legend

    1534 Kg_RTt1MkxU Video: Soul Calibur 3 - The Untold Legend Category: Skill Projects Uploader: Di_PL