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    We made these!

    I know we have some talented people on this board so post up anything art related that you were personally involved in! Heres my soundcloud with all my songs and stuffs
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    Maxi General Q&A

    Just step it.
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    The definition of "scrub"...

    A scrub is someone who blames there opponent when they lose and not themselves.
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    1.02 is AWESOME.

    1.02 is AWESOME.
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    Maxi Post Patch Discussion

    Did a fair amount of player matches today and overall I am not to worried about the damage nerfs seeing as how everyones back dash has been made unsafe. Overall I think it makes his hard match ups easier and his dominant match ups harder wich overall makes him alot more fun to play I hate...
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    [Colorado] We are Higher than you

    Going to be doing dedicated sc5 gatherings at my house every Sunday starting next Sunday. If you haven't ever been to a gathering don't be shy just send me a private and Ill get you my number and address!
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    Maxi Match-up Discussion

    What are you guys doing about really well spaced tiras? Her back dash is incredible.
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    Maxi Match-up Discussion

    Read it pretty good but I bet I could get that guy to wiff a million billion 1b's.
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    Tier Discussion

    My tier list S: All the characters that I lose to for free F: All the characters I win against for free To early for tier lists go play some more.
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    Maxi General Q&A

    Maxi has to take to many risks to be top tier but his damage is out of hand if your willing to put the work into him and can stay focused the entire tournament then yes he is viable. You just have to play the match up as far as his spacing gos. I was struggling with Ivy/hilde/tira for a little...
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    Maxi Match-up Discussion

    22_88 A is the move i think your referring to and if you guess correctly wich button maxi will press after the left inner shift then you win and can get a hunk of damage from him. You just have to play smart defense if maxi gets some momentum going his guard crush game can be brutal dont forget...
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    Maxi General Q&A

    Found this juicy little wall combo in practice mode today . RO aK W! 4b LO b RC ab BE LI a BE 159 damage. Not to shabby. Also 2A+B W! CE works. yeah. not very practical however the angle has to be spot on.
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    6A+B Punishment Thread "SCV Edition"

    BlackDragon you are absolutely correct LI B fully charged gives a free LI A but be careful its very easy to step and punish.
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    Maxi General Q&A

    Denver I'd love to get some games in whats your gamertag?
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    Maxi General Q&A

    Dustbuster we all ready fought in ranked I won I had it uploaded now its my fights with Crazy J I went 3-0 against him and then he left =( Your maxi was mad tricky though GG
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    Maxi General Q&A

    281 wins 4 loses right on ranked xbl 100% with Maxi. This character is no joke he has so many ways to hit you for a LOT of damage. 44b is my favorite move ever.
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    6A+B Punishment Thread "SCV Edition"

    Nice great work Aqua snake =) tyvm
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    8WAYRUN Members Picture Thread

    thats me on the left.