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  1. LiesIncorporated

    PAX SC4 Tournament, Seattle WA, 9/7/09

    There was a Soul Calibur 4 tournament at PAX this year that drew about 70 players. Did anybody from 8wr outside of Seattle (other than B:L, who also ran the tournament) show up to this? I don't have the brackets, so I can only speak for the Seattle players. Fortunately we took most of the top...
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    Stage of History 1 Results, 8/15/09

    Thanks to everybody for showing up. We had a great BlazBlue turnout, but not many people who dared to challenge us in our own game. Man up, learn some Soul Calibur from the masters! Extra thanks to Zig for showing up and running the BB brackets for us. Soul Calibur Top 3: 1. LiesIncorporated...
  3. LiesIncorporated

    Stage of History 1

    Events: BlazBlue tournament, run from 1 - 3 pm with finals at 5:30. Registration will close at 1:00PM. The tournament is double-elimination: early brackets will be best of 3 matches, quarterfinals and semifinals best of 5, and finals will be best of 7. Unlimited characters are disallowed...
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    Seattle Casuals

    Comments and suggestions are welcome. 7/3/09 ---- ---- 6/19/09 ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----
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    Zasalamel Proto-Guide 2.0

    The Zasalamel Proto-Guide Overview: Zasalamel is a mix-up based character that relies on keeping his opponent guessing between a high risk close-in frame advantage game and a longer range standoff/soul gauge pressure style. Because of this, he continually forces high-pressure mix-ups on...