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    It would be very nice to get a ps vita and wii u version of scv, i think if they do it, its posible that it will have extra content and thus posibly being released as DLC for other consoles latter, either way i would love to have scv on the go cuz i have a vita, they already ported sc4 pn the...
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    I cant take it anymore, i want yun seong back, its not the same :(

    anyone know if the game has sold enough to have DLC characters? i need yun seong back :( regardless if most of you hate him or say hes low tier it can all change, just like sigfried "sucks" in SCV, same with maxi, maxi was bad in SCIV but now hes better in SCV, i would pay a lot of money to have...
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    SCV- isJust Guard is better than GI? is GI useless now?

    i found this video and it really got my atention, what do you guys think?
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    SCV next the meantime, what games are you playing?

    what games are you playing in the meantime before SCV is released? im playing Dark Souls!! have to finish it before SCV, also have been playing bf3 and some uncharted 3! also been playing some 3rd strike SF and MK9(which i recently stated to get the hand of it and started liking it again), i...