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  1. MysteryTingTong

    Talim Is Back to Blow You Away

    I said that because of posts I've seen about Talim players. I know some are jokes but I know a lot of people don't like Talim fans. Website may have been too vague of a word to be honest. Didn't mean any offense by it.
  2. MysteryTingTong

    Talim Is Back to Blow You Away

    No of course not. I'm not a Talim player either so I understand why you're not hype for her. I'm happy for the people that do play her though. It's just I see all of this talk about the "MUH TALIM" players (not from you btw), but I've never actually seen posts like this from Talim fans...
  3. MysteryTingTong

    Talim Is Back to Blow You Away

    You say that as if liking Talim is a bad thing? Be happy an old fan favourite is coming back. More unique styles = More varied gameplay! :)
  4. MysteryTingTong

    Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

    Such an amazing breakdown. Every Taki fan on here needs to see this pronto!
  5. MysteryTingTong

    SOULCALIBUR 6: News, leaks and information discussion.

    Thank you very much for posting. It is appreciated!
  6. MysteryTingTong

    SOULCALIBUR 6 Announced at the TGAs!

    After all the doubt. After thinking it would never happen, and that even if it did that it wouldn't be any time soon. I honestly can't believe it. This is absolutely amazing! :D
  7. MysteryTingTong

    SOULCALIBUR 6 Announced at the TGAs!

  8. MysteryTingTong

    soul calibur: unbreakable soul $$ reward offered preservation project

    Hi there! I used to have the game on my IPhone but deleted it once the servers went down. However please note that the game would not be playable. If you did get an IPhone with the the game on, loading the app would just show the title screen with a message along the lines of "the servers have...
  9. MysteryTingTong

    Soul Calibur 2 HD now backwards compatible on XBox One

    Thank you very much for posting this. I'm surprised nobody else has said anything?
  10. MysteryTingTong

    A personal experience in online mode.

    Only ever really played this game with friends since late 2012, definitely made the experience a million times more fun that way :D. Good times.
  11. MysteryTingTong

    BOOOM Street Fighter V exclusive to PS4 & PC

    Looks amazing, thanks!
  12. MysteryTingTong

    Soulcalibur threads thread

    Definitely, me and my friends have always talked about this. Have you seen her SCIV armour when the upper section breaks off? It's very pretty indeed :). Lost Swords had Hilde, in the trailer anyway, without her helmet so they might do it eventually?
  13. MysteryTingTong

    Looking for PSN Soul Calibur II, IV & V Players!

    I would absolutely love to but I'm on XBL only i'm afraid, sorry :(. I hope there's others wanting to play them all.
  14. MysteryTingTong

    Soulcalibur threads thread

    Oooh, I'll have to make a note of that and try it at some point. Thank you very much ^.^!
  15. MysteryTingTong

    Soulcalibur threads thread

    That would be brilliant :), yeah I do have a soft spot for her 2P in SCIV. Haha I used to do something similar but with Sophitia's 2P, I do miss it when SCIV had a ton of players. Glad to see somebody who doesn't mind Hilde, but I will admit she was beyond broken in SCIV. They perfected her...
  16. MysteryTingTong

    Hoshino silenced by Namco? News from Harada

    God yeah that's a good point actually, thanks for pointing that out Soul :). I honestly have no idea what the reason could be now, unless the FB page isn't official? But that would be silly so I'm confuddled.
  17. MysteryTingTong

    Soulcalibur threads thread

    If Hilde comes back to SCVI then I would love a 3P Bronze Armoured costume. Elegant & Battle ready :). Also maybe they could bring back old outfits as DLC (I would love to put Sophitia in her SCIV 2P), or maybe even as unlockables in the game. I know that in this age of gaming DLC has pretty...
  18. MysteryTingTong

    Hoshino silenced by Namco? News from Harada

    Makes you wonder doesn't it? It's a shame that he isn't allowed to speak with fans, it seems pretty petty in a way. But you never know: They could have something in the works? All we can do is wait, because we haven't been doing enough of that already :P, and see. :)
  19. MysteryTingTong

    anyone still play SC2 online

    I still play it often, offline as nobody goes online due to the way it was :(. I only have it on XBL live I'm afraid, but if anybody on Xbox would like to fight there I'll me than happy to have some matches! Good luck finding peeps, I'm sure there are PSN players who'd love somebody to fight...