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    1B Ring's out???

    Seriously guys, this happens all the time and i do it when there is lags. It's priceless when the person rage quits.
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    KOGA: 2009-OCT-24 No-Pros L3 350Z VS HervE

    Dude, will you do the 2A B already man. There are so many times that you could've attacked low, man.
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    KOGA: 2009-OCT-24 W2 Dreamkiller VS Rekki

    Dreamkiller : "Killin' your dreams of winning, one move at a time"
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    Gnouz RB5S2 - SC4 - Keev vs Saitoh

    Good lord, that's a good Nightmare.
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    Algol Asura Punishment III

    This is stupid.
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    Legiturugi(TAN) vs. Kilik(Nightstar_Ace)

    You gotta stop mashin' or the online lag will make you do the wrong move. Not an impressive match, but it's decent.
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    Gnouz RB5S2 - SC4 - Saitoh vs Zero No Shana

    Good lord... Astaroth givin' you a hard, Hilde?! Mwahahahahaha!
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    Basic Notations and Terminology

    Newbie Silencer Thank you guys for the SC lang. I knew most of it, it helps to review.
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    KOGA: 2009-OCT-24 W3 InsaneKhent VS KDZaster

    KDZaster's a BEAST!