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  1. E4Ducky

    Online Server Test/Beta Post-mortem

    Heavenly time playing this beta with all of you, >Love: *Everyone has more BreakAttacks now which really gives the game more depth: it beats GI and RE--look at Maxi now, that lad it gonna tippety-top tier. *Supers can be GI'd--thank God. *A better noob-inviter than flashy garbage was everyone...
  2. E4Ducky

    Global Colosseo: Hype-Train To SCVI

    I ended up getting SCV in 2013 and was pretty meh at the series until then. I never had the competence to play online, so I never did. Community isn't too lively and collosseo is almost always empty--unless New York hits 15-20-% POINT OF THE THREAD: Let's establish a good gathering time and...