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  1. AriesWarlock

    Tribal Nightmare fanart

    Some pretty cool tribal art done by user hakushi0807 on pixiv. Use them for your next tattoo!
  2. AriesWarlock

    Renee Hewitt or Lani Minella?

    The moment of truth, Renee Hewitt or Lani Minella? Sound samples on above link. I like both actors, but I always thought Hewitt was a better fit. I like her voice more because it sounds more evil and...
  3. AriesWarlock

    Too old for Guilty Gear :( Eurogamer: What ever happened to Guilty Gear? Why did you stop making it? Daisuke Ishiwatari: Guilty Gear got too hardcore for some people, so we wanted to reset the level of entrance. BlazBlue was the answer...
  4. AriesWarlock

    blog tribute to SC First, second, and last images are... WOW. Here's the guy's DA
  5. AriesWarlock

    SC anthology featured in Gametrailers! That's cool that they did that, some more recognition though Bandai doesn't seem to give a crap. On minute 00:36, they show a drawing of Ivy, I guess that's the ending scenes. Do we have galleries of those?
  6. AriesWarlock

    SCIV becomes a Greatest Hits title!

    No word yet if it includes something extra like DLC costumes
  7. AriesWarlock

    Bringing vf5r to consoles:do it now The folks over at VFDC are engaged in an epic battle with Sega to convince them to port the latest Virtua Fighter to consoles. I think we can all sympathize here; outside of Japan a console release is critical for the...
  8. AriesWarlock

    Where to get SC3 wallpapers?

    I found this great site with SC3 wallpapers with different resolutions, but the quality for non-members is crappy -_- Anybody know where to get these SC3 wallpapers? Thanks!
  9. AriesWarlock

    Will we get a revised SCIV??

    You know how Blazblue is being re-released with new characters and fixes, and Super Street Fighter IV is doing the same, but in addition Capcom is apparently going to give a special gift to stop early adopters from throwing away their discs? Do you think Namco Bandai is going to do something...
  10. AriesWarlock

    Change username

    Hi, I've done some searching but didn't find what I wanted. Is it possible to change my username in this forums? I rather not waste the site's bandwidth by creating another account, so I thought I'd try asking first if it is possible. Thanks.