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  1. Dushbadge

    Who would you....

    Kill: Yoshimitsu Marry: Inferno HP: Voldo Whoops, meant to say Viola not Voldo.
  2. Dushbadge

    The Cepheus Store thread

    P1 and P2 Costumes = fatass versions of the main roster. Fuck yeah.
  3. Dushbadge

    What would you rate SCV out of 10 ?

    8/10 Don't really give a shit about story mode/endings. Only cons for me are Kilik and Elisyum being in the game and Algol's style not being cassable.
  4. Dushbadge

    You want DLC characters?

    Isn't Maxi a li long variant? Why have 2 nunchaku users? Forget Hwang, Yun-Seong was better. I agree with giving Kilik his old style. Yeah lets get some new awesome styles in this game. Fuck Shura.
  5. Dushbadge

    Point of armor breaking?

    To get fucked over aesthetically.
  6. Dushbadge

    SC IV Sophitia Fighting Style?

    There's Pyrah (Similar to Her) and SPOILERS OMEGA PYRAH (more similar to her).
  7. Dushbadge

    You want DLC characters?

    There's even Omega Pyrah... if you try to edit her in CAS she doesn't have her nightmare arm so she's essentially the standard pyrah with emo face paint. The bottom row is retarded as shit except for Algol and Edgemaster. Sorry for the off-topicness up there... I want Dampierre as DLC.
  8. Dushbadge

    You want DLC characters?

    Lol yeah, I wonder if they used CaS to make one of the new characters but used exclusive faces.
  9. Dushbadge

    You want DLC characters?

    I don't usually bitch but Kilik and Elysium are fucking retarded additions.
  10. Dushbadge

    SCV Character Creation Discussion

    What the fuck at omega Pyrrah.... she's missing her nightmare arm if you try to freely customize her. Such a let down, you're basically editing Pryah but with face paint.
  11. Dushbadge

    I Think it's time to let PS know what we want out of DLC.

    Yup I want this so I can make my fat version of Z.W.E.I.
  12. Dushbadge

    SCV Quick Unlock Guide

    Get to level 13 and guess who'll pop up ;)
  13. Dushbadge

    SCV- isJust Guard is better than GI? is GI useless now?

    Impact is pretty retarded. Maybe if it only used meter on success it'd be good. There are guys that have GI's in their movelist which don't consume meter though just use that shit.
  14. Dushbadge

    I Think it's time to let PS know what we want out of DLC.

    Or Bubble Spamming Fat fucks. By the way didn't he get nerfed? Only 4 max bubbles (5th would be the big ass one I think?)?
  15. Dushbadge

    Soulcalibur Players Map

    Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
  16. Dushbadge

    Soul Calibur 5 Raphael Move List

    lol @ Rafeal... 14 HOURS!!!
  17. Dushbadge

    where is the bigger online community? (xbl or psn)

    Who gives a shit about all the big names... That ain't a factor.
  18. Dushbadge

    So....Setsuka Players....

    U mad?