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  1. GynormousFish

    How to get better with Yoshimitsu?

    I just recently picked him up and have been practicing combos, strategies, mix ups and everything. When I went to go play my friend, I just get my ass handed to me and I know why. Well, it's simply because I suck. I try to use his mix up game but I end up getting into habits where I will try to...
  2. GynormousFish

    Soul Calibur 2 NM CaS

    Can someone post the formula for the SC2 Nightmare? I've seen people make him before but I just want the formula so I will have all the correct colors and everything. Thanks.
  3. GynormousFish

    Implementing A+K

    I've been watching videos of people playing Nightmare and I was just wondering why this move is never really planted in any combos or anything? I use it from time to time, like if I rush with NM and pull off a B, I catch them with A+K just to mix things up a little bit. I've never really seen...